Are you Happy with your Life?

I come across many people who wish that their personal or professional lives could have been happier. However they do not know that the responsibility for this is always within themselves.

Working as a “Professional Life Coach” has given me an insight that being happy is more of a state of mind. Once you realise this, there is absolutely no limit to savour the good things in life. In my own experience I have noticed that you need to just work on the following –

You don’t realise that you are already happy:

When we see life through myopic lenses, we are more than certain to magnify the things which are not going too well in our lives. Unfortunately by doing this often most tend to become experts in this particular area. They tend to stop enjoying the good things around them and begin to channelize their energy and focus on you guessed it – “What’s not doing well”.

Step out of this and write down 5 things which are going well in your respective life. You will be surprised with the outcome.Human mind always magnify the image & feelings associated with it, when  seen again & again.Now I am sure many of you can relate as to why you find some people, who almost have everything in their life,but are never happy.

Real happiness comes from doing & not having:  

The emotional high one gets when one buys a new house or a car quickly goes away and does not stay for too long. Human beings are not built to increase their happiness quotient by hoarding on materialistic things. This is one of the reasons I believe that real happiness comes from doing something you really  love.

Listen to your inner voice & dig into your passion. You will surprise yourself when you follow this route of finding happiness in your respective life.Over the last couple of  years I have been far more happier in my Life than at  any other point I can remember.The feeling one gets when he/she helps the other person is priceless and for me is something  irreplaceable.

You wait for too long:

Working towards being happy in your life is not something you schedule for tomorrow, which both of us know will never come. It is taking the first few steps today & right now. One small step will completely change your life for the better. If you wait for the right opportunity, environment or people “Life will eventually pass you by”.

I am sure you would have come across many a people who would be kicking themselves even today for waiting for too long.You would not want yourself to be added in the list right?

You can take the first step today, if you feel you are in the rut of not being happy by speaking to me for an introductory call.

As always I would love to hear from you on your thoughts on “Being happy” & what is stopping many people to just be happy in their respective life.You could mail me on my Id or connect with me, through my social media channels.

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