Have you activated the Antivirus for the Mind?

Are you aware of the devastation of your thoughts when it becomes Negative or self destructive? Off late this has become a kind of a virus that is afflicting people who do not lead a healthy life.

Working with people as their Wellness Coach and interacting with people in my Group Wellness Seminars, has given me plenty of insights. It has convinced me, that there is an absolute link between physical & mental well being & having a positive attitude in life.

Our brain plays a key role in managing our emotions. what we do on a regular basis is the key,which ultimately plays a big role in negating this virus and makes you lead the life you deserve. we are all aware that healthy eating and regular exercise plays a huge role in ensuring the release of endorphin’s

This is your brains way of dealing with pain and making your feel happier. However what I am touching upon in this Blog article is how to manage to overcome the virus through some of the tried and trusted techniques. Some of  which are –

Train the Mind: Just like how we train each of our muscles to strengthen and develop it, the same logic applies to the brain, which according to me is one of the world’s most powerful muscles. Some of the most effective ways of training the mind are through deep breathing, affirmations and positive visualization.

I would advocate the fact that by making some time to train your own mind you are stepping into the area of personal development, which is the key in overcoming any kind of potent virus in your own mind.

Positive Self Talk: Most of the people have conditioned in their Sub conscious, a lot of Negative thoughts and talk which, without one realizing is always working in the background. The only effective way to overcome this is through positive self talk and replacing what you hear inside your mind, with something more empowering and positive.

When you recognize and stop the negative talk, your thoughts will start naturally flowing to a positive direction.By repeatedly doing something like this, it is easy to create neural pathways in your mind to home in on and make it a natural reaction.

Stop living in the past: One of the most familiar traps I see is that, most people set themselves up for a life of compromise and mediocrity by living in the past negative events. When you think of the past, you will continue to live there and not allow yourself to move on to the future. I did happen to work with a Client couple of years ago, who had some major personal issues a decade ago but was still reliving it as though it happened in the morning.

When I worked with her on this and ultimately made her put her past behind her, she opened up for some amazing transformations. I will try and write a Blog on overcoming your past if a lot of my readers do want  it. Therefore if you are reading this and want to know on how to work on overcoming your negative past then do put up a comment,for me to juice up with some ideas.

Step out of your comfort zone: A Couple of years ago,I too was guilty of staying in my comfort zone and inadvertently feeding my Negative thoughts. The only way I could shift my own life was by guiding my own thoughts in the right direction. Moving out of your own comfort zone will be different from  person to person.

Do what it takes you to move out of the comfort zone, because in my own opinion “Apathy is found within the comfort zone, greatness lives outside of it”.  If you are looking for greatness then you need to step up and step out to live the greatness.

Remember that my aim through these words was never meant for you to control your thoughts but gently guide them in the direction you want. If you need a life of an abundance of health, passion and fulfillment, then fix the goal post and guide your thoughts in the right direction.

Remember to shout out to me, when you strike through the goal post, cause I will always look to celebrate when one of my clients or readers achieves their goals. I would love to hear from you on my Face book page or at my mail Id coach@satishrao.in as to what you feel about my thoughts and also if you do not agree on something I have mentioned.