Have you focused on your Emotional Fitness?

I always believed that being fit is not only to be healthy physically, but also emotionally. In fact when I work with my clients I focus more on the emotional aspect with some of them since it is easier to begin there and then move on to the physical fitness. Of course in some cases, it can also be in the reverse direction.

Many people have worked on most of the areas of their life but have not made much of an effort in strengthening their emotional fitness. This is just like how very few people focus on working their legs in the gym which has the biggest muscle group, keeps your stability and supports all other areas of your body.

What is the connection you might ask as long as some one is successful in his/her respective lives. Well, by working on your emotional fitness you are working on long term Self-  development. I strongly do feel that if you are fit emotionally then it is easier to have a better grip in other areas of your life. How can someone begin to focus on the emotional well being is something which is highlighted below  –

Work on awareness: The easiest thing to begin is to just be aware of things which make you lose your focus. This is easier said than done, but with discipline and focus you can work on your own awareness. Eventually you will make it your strongest weapon against any life’s adversity. By being aware you are looking at both the good and bad in life. This, according to me is the biggest takeaway of working on one’s awareness.

Creating a vision: Without knowing where the goalpost is, how do you expect to run towards it? A vision tells us and most importantly connects us emotionally to our goals .With a clear vision the road map can be charted out however  difficult the path looks to begin with. Work on a clear vision, feel, smell, see  and if possible hear it in your mind. By following this, you will make it more potent since you are connecting through all your senses which according to me is the key. When you make use of all the sense organs in connecting with your vision then you eventually begin to think and do differently.

Work on a positive Attitude: Developing a good positive attitude strengthens your emotional fitness for sure. I have gone through tons of material and experienced it myself to put this in writing that improving on developing a good positive mental attitude has a direct co-relation on your emotional fitness. The more you are exposed to positive energy and vibrations; there will be many folds increase in your emotional fitness.

Work on developing this one attitude everyday and i can guarantee you that your life will never be the same again. I work on this religiously just like how I brush my teeth twice a day. This has become a part of my daily ritual from many years now. When I look back, I am ever  grateful to the people who exposed me to this concept  so early in life.

Work on a self-control governor: Just like there is a speed governor in some vehicles I feel we all need to develop our own governors with respect to self control. Once there is some control on your thoughts, actions or even for some of you on your responses then you can begin to work on the next level which is probably the most interesting

Work on being an optimist: Being optimist is a trait which one needs to develop over a period of time. Understanding that we all make mistakes, choosing to persist no matter how many times you’ve failed and always remaining hopeful that success is just around the corner is what makes you manage your frustration more diligently.

Once you begin to manage your frustration better then you will start making better and intelligent choices which invariably leads us to better quality of lives. All this may sound complicated but believe me once you begin on the first few steps of this journey it will open many doors of possibilities if you are at it.

Emotional wellbeing is a vast subject and frankly there is no one or few ways one can develop it or even master it. However I see this missing in most people and the moment they begin to work on it then magically things around them fall in place like a jig saw puzzle. What matters the most is to be equipped to the maximum with all life’s gifts and lead our life which is what each one of us is gifted with.

I hope this Blog article makes you work more on your emotional wellness. Like any other muscle it needs time and patience to develop. Sometimes we also need to spend time outside the gym to develop our muscles and in this case it is the most important muscle for your overall well being.

Eventually by working on your emotional fitness you are not only doing yourself a favor but also for the people around you. I have noticed in my own career and personal life that if people at the top are emotionally strong and fit then it gives little scope for people who look up to them not to follow. I do hope this Blog has bought some insights into the reasoning behind working on your own emotional fitness.

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