Here Is How To Improve Your Likable Factor

Over the years I have come across far too many people who do believe that being likable is a natural ingrained trait that few lucky ones are born with.

However the reality is far from the truth. I am more than convinced that increasing your  Likable quotient is absolutely in one’s  control and it’s more about working on your own Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Some of the areas I have worked with my Coaching clients and in the Group Seminars I conduct regularly are  quite a few but the ones which is guaranteed to bring you results in the long run is

Be Authentic:

When you are Authentic you are taking the first step in creating the energy around you,which will help people gravitate towards you. We as human beings trust people more at the subconscious level who comes across as genuine.

It’s next to impossible to like somebody who does not know who they really are & feel about themselves.

One of the easiest thing to do to be Authentic is to be comfortable in your own skin. By focusing on what makes you happy, you are more often than not bound to become more interesting.

Be more consistent:

Have you noticed someone who is never consistent but all over the place. They being more reliable depends more on their fluctuating mood swings.

Well one of the key aspect to be likable is to be more consistent irrespective of your environment or mood swings. It does take practice but with a conscious effort to be the same is a great trait which will take you far in the long run.

Develop a positive body language:

Are you aware that your body language is what makes all the difference? It’s absolutely true that how you communicate is far more important than actually what you communicate.

Most of the people are more visual and pass information internally by what we see. Hence it is imperative that one work on gestures, expressions and tone of voice to make it as much as positive which plays a big role in driving people towards you.

Over the years I have worked diligently in making eye contact, uncrossing my own arms, developing an enthusiastic tone and lean towards the people spoken to which has helped me  tremendously to increase my own “likable quotient” by a few notches and I do not see any reason why it should not work for you.

Be passionate & Smile more:

When you are passionate about something it is more often than not we are always at our best version. Everything does begin to click and we are in sync with our body & mind.

At the same time it is easy to fall into a trap of being too serious and absorbed in the task in hand. Hence it is important that one develops a habit of smiling more.

People naturally (and unconsciously) mirror the body language of the person they’re talking to. If you want people to like you, smile at them during a conversation and they will unconsciously return the favor and feel good as a result.

Be Humane:

Last but not the least is BE HUMANE! This according to me helps you to take the likability factor to the next level. Do not think this is  limited only to work done in NGOs,other social services or your own house. It could very well be in business too.

Observe the life-style of legends and why their names are etched in the memories of people forever. You are bound to see that their humane side was always more dominant.

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