Here Is How To Manage Time Exceptionally Well In Real Life

If you are reading this Blog then I am more than certain that you are struggling to manage your time effectively just like  majority of the people.

However remember that we cannot be 100 % effective when it comes to managing  time but with practice and daily rituals we can come close to it.

In fact one of the top 3 goals which I work with my clients is more or less related to managing their respective time more effectively.

What I have inferred over the years working with very senior executives & New Age Entrepreneurs is that most find it difficult to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important in life.

Once you get clarity on this aspect I am more than certain that things will begin to fall in place on its own. I am highlighting the top three steps which has worked wonderfully well for most  of my clients over the years when it comes to managing their own time. To begin with

Maximize the Golden hour rule:  

I am a big believer of doing the most important task of the day first thing in the morning or afternoon. Over the years I have developed the habit of doing the most important job for the day first thing in the morning.

In my case it might be a coaching call, writing a blog or even working on my upcoming book. If this has worked for me wonderfully I do not see any reason as to why it should not for you.

Research has proven that the decisions and choices that you make throughout the day tend to drain your willpower.

You’re less likely to make a good decision at the end of the day than you are at the beginning. By following this one simple strategy, you are more certain to end up having a productive day, even if everything doesn’t go to plan through the day.

Engage fully with task at hand:

With so many distractions around each one of us it is just about time before we succumb to the habit of focusing on what we should be doing  to what our immediate environment bombards us with. When one gets bitten by this bug it is next to impossible to fully engage in the task at hand.

If you someone very early in your corporate career or an upcoming entrepreneur remember Multitasking is the number one productivity killer and stress inducer. Over the years if you develop Multitasking  as a habit it is certain to derail you in your chosen path.

Working with clients who have fallen in this trap is something I deal with on an everyday basis and one of the best way to overcome this is to block out significant time to focus on one project and eliminate everything else ruthlessly.

Complete elimination of distractions around you is the only way to dive in deep and focus on the job at hand.

Little Goals Become Lifetime habits:

I am more than convinced over the years working with people in helping them overcome their time management challenges is that when it comes to doing important work over the long-term, following a schedule is much more effective.

Winning small is the key when you are looking at breaking patterns and daily ritual goals is what holds the key in working to a schedule. The cumulative effect of these small daily goals is what keeps the momentum going and in the end the internal shifts is huge.

These little goals can be as small as meeting key people every day for 15 minutes a day or taking care of daily finances for 10 minutes a day. It does not matter what is the circumstances and no matter how small the action step is  “doing it on a daily basis” is the key.

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