Here’s How To Become Twice As Valuable In The Shortest Amount Of Time

One of the most profound learning I have gained over the years is “Either you manage time or time will manage you”. One key trait, which does come out right in the front of any successful person, is their Art of managing time.

The reason I am saying Art is because each one of us have over the years developed our own unique way of managing time.

Over the years I have battled with Time Management just like each one of you. However even though I am not perfect, I am that much better off,when I began this journey of self learning and personal mastery.

In my experience over the years and by working with some of the most Successful Entrepreneurs and Executives I have learnt some invaluable lessons.

I am highlighting these three tips that is certain to work for each one of you in your real world.

Begin your day with the most important tasks:

One of the most important learning I did pick up very early is that each one of us are more  likely to make a great decision at the beginning of the day rather than at the end of the day when our energy levels are at  rock bottom.

As the day progresses, we are bombarded with mundane tasks, chaos and time vampires, which are bound to derail the best of a well planned day.

Another aspect which most tend to forget is that every decision, action you are taking does require energy, which keeps depleting as the day goes by.

The easiest thing you can do from today is to be done with the most important task for the day first thing in the morning and even if the day goes haywire you are bound to end up with a relatively productive day.

Your schedule is the key:

Sticking to a schedule is far more important than completing the task in hand. What happens in the real world is that when we stick to a particular schedule it is that much easier to move into other tasks.

Let’s say you plan to finish reading a book in 2 weeks time. The best strategy is to stick to a schedule of reading for about 20 minutes a day. You will be surprised as to how your confidence does grow when you build on this schedule.

In my personal opinion, it is far easier to stick to a schedule than completing the task in hand. There is magic in doing the small things right and sticking to a schedule is a “no brainer”.

Engage fully with the task at hand:  

One of the pitfalls in not been engaged with the task in hand is many, but what does surprise me the most is people tend to be disengaged, be it at a personal or professional level. They rarely commit to the task for an extended period of time and usually take more time than an engaged person.

Now the only practical way to deal with this is to avoid distractions at all cost. Distractions can be in the form of social media, unwanted personal banter or even low energy at office/home.

What I do and also lead my own clients is  to focus on one task at hand and avoid fragmented sessions.

If you are someone who think that “Time Management” is your biggest pitfall and you would want to work on this area to 5x your productivity, fear not you are in the right place.

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Satish Rao

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