Here’s How To Create More Luck And Success In Your Life

Are you someone who believes that your friends, colleagues and others succeeded out of sheer luck? Do you feel that luck is far more important than skill when it comes to making progress and creating success?

If yes, you’re not alone. I’ve come across many people who excuse their own inadequacies by acknowledging “Lady Luck” as the cause behind the success of people around them.

It’s our natural tendency to excuse our inadequacies. So if you’ve been doing this for a while now, don’t despair.

But it’s important to realize that excusing your inadequacies is NOT going to get you anywhere… especially when you attribute “Lady Luck” to be behind the success of your friends and co-workers.

Luck never plays a critical role in the success of other people. It’s often the case of someone swinging the bat more often than the other person.

Swinging the bat more often than the other person is what brings in and creates luck … And in order to be lucky (i.e. being the right person at the right time for the right thing), you need to be an opportunist and start doing things consistently that will make a significant impact on your future.

With that said, here are 3 powerful tips to turnaround your present situation, become an opportunist and create more luck and success in your life…

Focus only on what you do best:  

Some of the most successful people I have interacted and read about over the years have ONE key trait in common. They consistently work on things that they are good at with bull dog determination and reduce time and energy spent working on things that they aren’t good at.

Take my case as an example…

I am someone with lots of confidence that really excels when it comes to coaching people or motivating large groups of people at once. And my focus is on continually building this skill and creating more opportunities for this to happen.

… But if I had to invest my time on technical stuff like SEO, or making changes to my website, I would be bogged down by the details and I’d be stuck without making any progress at all.

The best way forward is to delegate tasks and projects that are important to people who are good at it and focus on only things that you do best.

This will enable each one of us to shine in our own areas and to continually move forward and create more opportunities for ourselves.

Be an influencer: 

Some of the most successful people are also some of the biggest influencers. Each one of them creates a positive influence in their own space with their thoughts and actions.

Influencers are basically people who quickly help other people get what they want… i.e. by opening up opportunities for others to take advantage of. You can easily influence other people by bringing some kind of value addition to the table.

Ask yourself this question, “What value can I provide that will help X person do their job better”? And then talk about it and tell them what they can do.

This will eventually lead them to spread your message through their network. If this sounds new to you, think small and be conscious about being an influence within a small group.

Over a period of time, you will turn into a powerful influencer.

Be responsive:

One of the earliest lessons I learned when I ventured out on my own was to be responsive when people reach out to you. The longer you delay responding to someone, the more likely you are to miss out on an important opportunity.

Responding to people in a timely manner is absolutely critical for your success.

For example… there are some clients that I’m unable to take on due to lack of time or for some other reason. And I don’t ignore them right off the bat. I take the time to respond to them and convey my apologies.

Every week, I receive dozens of applications for my strategy sessions. I respond back to them as soon as possible. Some people are really serious about these emails and respond back right away.

There are others that choose to NOT respond back to my email. But a few weeks later, some of them come back to me regretting and ruminating that they’ve missed out an opportunity to turn their life around.

By the time they do get back to me, I’m usually booked solid and am required to turn down their offer.

So if you’re someone who continually receives referrals, lead follow ups, etc. – make sure that you are actively responding. It is rude to ignore people.

If you don’t want to work with them or deal with them, just say hello and say that I’m not interested in working with you and just move on.

That’s the secret to capitalizing on your opportunities and eliminating tire-kickers that waste your time.

I always believe that each one of us have been give a level playing field, how we make use of the limited opportunity can and will make a difference in the long run.

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