Here’s How To Escape the Fake Goal Trap

Most people are stressed because they are overwhelmed with the number of things they need to do in the given 24 hour day. If the tasks in hand does stress you out, then you need to remember that working on prioritising is a habit which will take you afar.

Change is hard. Changing many things at once can be overwhelming and that’s where most people fail. They are overwhelmed mentally even before they even start.

A year goes by and their goals remain nothing but figures and images continually spinning around in their mind.

 Working on one or maximum two goals is what I have been advocating and do practise in my coaching sessions. It does work like magic because in the mind you are not seeing it as a big mountain but something doable.

It’s that much easier to move on to bigger goals when you have made progress on your number one or two goals first.

Some of the goals you would want to set in your life could be:

  1. Increase your company turnover
  2. Get into an exercise regime
  3. Become debt free
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Kick a bad habit
  6. Spend more time with your family.

Rank your Goals in order of importance:

The first rule of thumb is to prioritise your Goals in terms of which one is the most important and critical for your well being. Once you have decided on that goal, say increasing your company turnover, you need to put down an action plan and start working on it immediately.

I would suggest you to write this goal in your book with a clear time frame as to when you would like it to be accomplished. There is magic in writing your goals and this will help you connect and engage with your Sub conscious level better.

Focus on one goalpost:

It is easy to focus on one goal at a time rather than many. Experience has taught me that even if one trips while working on one goal it is not a big challenge to get back on track.

It could however prove to be insurmountable if one is working on many goals simultaneously.

Therefore the secret is to work on one goal at a time diligently. Course correction is easier when we falter on one thing at a time rather than many at the same time.

This might take a couple of days or weeks but remember that at the end of the day the satisfaction one gets in achieving the goal is incomparable.

 Fail proof your progress:

Set a realistic time frame whilst working on your goals. Ensure that you are ready with the next goal when the present goal has become a habit and is about to reach a stage where it will become a part of your life.

This is where I have realised that writings down one’s goals in the old fashioned way really play a significant role.

In the present era of tablets/smart phones, taking a white sheet of paper and writing your goals down is far more precise than keying it in the digital medium.

Personally, I feel more connected when I write things down physically and some of the most successful people do this one habit without fail.

Remember that by doing this you will fall in the 1% category of people who work on a goal, write it down and start working on it diligently irrespective of whether they have all the resources to achieve the end result.

Many people indulge in goal setting especially during the New Year, birthdays or anniversaries. They will be charged up for a few days and slowly run out of steam over a period of a week or so.

Personally I have come across people who have multiple goals in mind and at the end of the day they will most likely falter in all the goals, thereby joining the remaining 99% of people who do not work and succeed with any goals.

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