Here’s How To Get A Lean, Toned & Attractive Body That Will Make Men Drool Over You

Do you want a lean, toned and attractive body that will make young men drool over you? Have you been cutting calories and starving yourself to become lean?

Do you find that the odds are stacked against you in your desire for a lean, attractive body? If so, don’t worry.

Starving and cutting calories will NOT help you become lean… rather it will move you away from your goal faster than you think.

If you’re really serious about becoming lean, strong and healthy, it’s important that you rework your food habits so you lose weight in a healthy and safe manner… without skewing  up on your emotions and giving up on the way.

Running on an empty stomach not only wreaks havoc on your physical wellbeing but your emotions as well.

One of the main reasons why we come across many people who are angry and short-tempered is because they are ‘Hangry’ (hungry first, angry second). These people never really give much importance to their food intake because of limited time or the desire to control their weight.

If you’re one of those people, let me tell you something. You’re not alone.

I walked this path as well and I found it to be extremely unhealthy and it actually deteriorates you from your health and fitness goals.

So if you want that lean, attractive body that will make young men drool over you, I strongly encourage you to pay close attention and follow these three keys…

Stop going on a calorie deficit too soon…

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen several of my women clients make is that they tend to go on a calorie deficit too soon. As soon as they feel inspired to lose weight and become healthy, they begin cutting down their food intake drastically.

Some of them also subject themselves to intense workout regimes right from the start.What happens when you go on an intense calorie deficit too soon is that it begins to play with your mind, emotions and your will-power is eventually affected.

For the first few days, you will be able to maintain your cool and stick to the plan… but eventually, you’ll find yourself with less and less energy to resist the subtle desires to ‘miss today’s workout’ or ‘eat that chocolate cookie’, etc.… and once you give in to these temptations, the old habits return and it’s impossible to get back on track.

That’s why the best strategy that will get you results for sure is to start small and slowly cut back your calorie intake in a way your body can adjust and tolerate.

An ideal example would be to trim one snack a week and replace it with a healthy meal and that’ll be a big step towards your weight loss journey.

You can eventually turn that into 3 snacks a week, 10 snacks a week and eventually replace your entire diet with exclusively healthy foods. Once you do that, your dream body wouldn’t be far away from you.

Healthy fats actually aid weight loss…

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that all fats are unhealthy and should be avoided.And this has caused many people to go on crazy starvation diets and calorie deficits which tend to cause even more frustration emotionally and mentally.

Healthy Fat is actually necessary to spike up your body’s metabolism. They are a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and certain other key nutrients which are essential to regulate your energy levels.

When it comes to fat, you need to look at avoiding and completely eliminating unhealthy trans-fat which is often found in various junk foods and fast foods.

If you include the right combination of healthy fats in your diet on a consistent basis, your body’s metabolism will spike naturally and you’ll find yourself magically burning those calories.

Not all carbs are created equal…

Another mistake I’ve seen many women make on their path towards becoming healthy is that they tend to restrict themselves from carbs completely.

There are many weight loss myths floating around in various social circles and this is one of them –That carbs are completely unhealthy and all carbs must be avoided.

Cutting yourself on carbs is counterproductive because carbs are essential to aid in recovery and regulating your body’s energy levels. High protein diets and similar diets may help you become stronger but they cannot balance your energy levels.

You need a good amount of carbs in your diet as well. When it comes to carbs, the best carbs that you can intake are complex carbs which are found in lentils, vegetables and fruits. They will help you on your weight loss journey in the long-run.

And the carbs that you need to look to avoid and completely eliminate are the refined carbs. Refined carbs mainly sneak into your diet through dietary preferences of the family or in most cases via outside food.

An ideal carb intake for any individual is around the 50 – 60% range. Anything more will cause you to become sluggish and compromise your weight loss journey.

Pay Close Attention Here

If you’re going through a stressful time, starving yourself to lose weight or maintain your health is simply not going to work.

Becoming healthy and losing weight is something that you need to truly enjoy… and it’s not something that should cause misery So make sure that you don’t go overboard and restrict yourself completely. It will take out the joy from the process.

Losing weight and becoming healthy is a journey that you need to fully enjoy… that’s the only way you can get the ideal, lean beach body that you desire.

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Yours Sincerely,

Satish Rao

Life and Wellness Coach

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