Here’s How To Reinvent Yourself In 5 steps

Are you unhappy with your current life situation? It might be your job, your business, your health or your relationships.

If you’re not satisfied with the results you are getting in any of these areas, it’s time to introspect and study the root.

The root cause of all your frustrations &  happiness is nobody but YOU. You are responsible for the good things that happen to you and the bad things that happen to you as well.

So if there’s a situation in your life that’s frustrating you, it’s probably because YOU did something that resulted in the frustrating situation.

And that’s why I always tell my clients to reinvent themselves. If you reinvent yourself and make yourself close to being perfect, the results will take care of themselves.

With that said, here’s how to begin reinventing your life one step at a time…

Identify The Areas That Need Change The Most:

The amount of will power that we have on a day to day basis is very limited and therefore, it is important to prioritize.

The part of your brain that governs self-control is also in charge of day to day tasks, short-term memory, concentration, etc. It’s very easy to overwork that part of the brain and result in a shut down.

Introspect And Decide:

Take some time off and really look at yourself and your lifestyle. What part of your life do you want to change the most?

You may want to change more than one thing in your life right now. But trying to do too many things will lead to overwhelm and you’ll get nowhere.

So think about the one – two  area and stick with it.

Set Simple Goals That You Can Conquer Easily:

There’s a simple little strategy that I use with my clients to help them achieve many of their stretch goals…

It begins with having them set simple goals that they can conquer very easily. Once they conquer this initial goal, they feel & believe that  they have REAL control over their situation.

Once this FEELING of control locks in, many of my clients experience more will power, execute more effectively and don’t feel stressed by their situation.

Do you feel stressed and find it hard to manage everything? Then set a small goal of meditating twice a day for only 5 minutes and stick with it for the next 30 days.

Are you looking to write a book? Then just set aside 20 minutes every day to write about 100 words.

Even though these are tiny baby steps, they build momentum. And this momentum will carry you forward in no time at all.

Use Your Mistakes As A Learning Experience:

Transforming your life is primarily about changing your mindset, beliefs and habit patterns. If you look at the lives of people who are incredibly successful, you’ll find that their mental state is completely different from many of us.

They think positively, don’t let anything discourage them and consider every failure and criticism as a chance to grow.

With any project or activity you begin, you have to start with a positive mindset and predict a positive outcome. If you start off with a negative outcome, you develop FEAR and risk aversion.

Therefore, you are more likely to procrastinate on the project or sabotage it unconsciously.

It’s natural to fall short of your goals. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up. I always encourage my clients to write down what they learned from the process instead of worrying about the result.

Dress And Smell Better:

There’s two reasons why you need to dress and smell better…

  1. For Yourself
  2. For Others

When you dress and smell better, you are actually appreciating and pampering yourself. You are telling yourself unconsciously, “Yes. I’m a great person. I’m worthy of X, Y & Z”.

As a result, your self-esteem and self-image soars up and you instantly become a better performer.

At the same time, you will also be able to network more effectively with your clients and co-workers.

Most people make assumptions about a new person they meet within 5 seconds based on their dress and smell. That’s exactly how they’ll judge you.

By ensuring that you’ve dressed well and smell great, you can strike a lasting first impression on them.

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