Here’s How To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions Without Giving Up

Have you set a few resolutions that you want to keep this 2021? Are you already experiencing trouble sticking to it?

Many people set resolutions year after year… but very few succeed in persevering with them. Some people stay with it for a week or so… but soon, reality hits them in the face.

All of a sudden, you find them slacking and giving up. Some give up in a week or 3 weeks and the majority give up by week 12.

It’s definitely a challenge to keep and maintain New Year Resolutions. However, if you are someone who knows what you are doing, you can be sure of success with your goals.

I believe in the power of resolutions. I believe they can truly help change a person’s life… only if applied properly.

Over the years, I have set various resolutions and goals for myself. I have achieved success in some, failed in some and given up some.

The one thing I found to be the chief contributor to the success of any goal is HABITS.


  • Want to lose weight? Develop the habit of working out regularly
  • Want to earn more money? Develop the habit of working diligently and actively standing out in your market
  • Want to make more sales? Develop the habit of doing the things that lead to more calls and sales

Sticking to your resolutions becomes easy if you develop the right habits. Developing the right habits requires patience, perseverance and dedication.

With that said, here are a few tips to help you develop powerful habits and stick by your New Year resolutions…

Do Not Depend Exclusively On Your Will Power

You can’t change your habit by just relying on your will power. Your immediate environment plays a dominant role in your behaviours.

If you want to develop an empowering habit, you have to make sure that your environment empowers you to engage in that behaviour.

Will power only lasts for a few days or weeks but the only thing that will make you rise early in the morning, eat healthy or exercise regularly is your ENVIRONMENT.

Hack The Environment, Hack The Habit

Be smart, apply yourself and figure out how to change your environment in such a way so you succeed at your habit.

Here are some examples:

  • Want to wake up early? Connect your alarm to a loud speaker and have it as far away from you as possible. When it blares in the morning, you will be forced to get up and then switch it off.
  • Want to eat healthy? Cast away all junk food stored in the house and buy only healthy food. The moment you’re hungry, you’ll be left with no choice but to eat healthy
  • Want to exercise regularly? Pack your gym bag and take it with you to work or under the present circumstances when most are working from home keep it in front of you so that you always a visual cue to switch to exercise mode.

Want to dig deeper into what else contributes to your willingness to stick to your resolutions? Its the emotional connect between you and your resolutions.

This amazing article by Forbes focuses on

This Is The Month When New Year’s Resolutions Fail—Here’s How To Save Them“.

Be Willing To Experience Discomfort

As humans, we have a natural tendency to stay comfortable. It’s the reason why most people don’t exercise or go after their goals – because they don’t enjoy the discomfort.

If you shift your mindset and allow yourself to experience discomfort, you’ll be less likely to quit. The moment you choose to experience a bit of discomfort and persist with your goal – a Hero is Born.

Start Small, Before Going Big

When it comes to health goals (or any goal at all), most people bite more than they can chew. We tend to overestimate what we can achieve in 1 year and heavily underestimate what we can achieve in 3 – 5 years.

When you set goals that are overly optimistic and try to make a massive change, you’ll fail quickly too.

I always tell my clients to not expect miracles in a day. It has taken them years to get so unhealthy… and you certainly won’t get healthy all of a sudden.

Instead, choose a small goal that you wish to keep and maintain. Make sure it’s a goal that you can stick to even when your will power reserves are low.

Here’s an example for working out at the gym…

For the first 30 – 60 days, tell yourself that you’ll go to the gym no matter what and do only 2 simple exercises. Force yourself even when you don’t feel like it.

Create Accountability

One of the best ways to overcome your unhealthy habits is by finding someone who can hold you accountable.

When you’re working on overcoming unhealthy habits or building empowering ones like waking up early or going to the gym, it’s natural to slip up once in a while.

But that’s the difference between failures and successful people. Successful people immediately get back on track… whereas failures beat themselves up and complain.

If you have someone who can hold you accountable, they can help make sure that you don’t slip into your comfort zone and end up where you began.

This is where working with a professional can make or break your goals. Over the years one thing which has been a gamechanger for each one of my clients is that when they signed up with me they became Accountable and I was always there for them when they slipped up.

Working to be successful is not about not failing but getting up every time when you do fail and this is where I can step up for you.

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