Here’s How To Improve Your Self-Confidence And Start Doing Things You’ve Always Hesitated

One of the most common questions I receive during my seminars and when working with people 1 on 1 is about self-confidence and whether it can really be improved. If you find that you are not as confident as you’d like to be and feel that self-doubt is affecting your performance and chance of success, pay close attention here.

Self-confidence is a skill that nobody is born with. It’s a skill that we are going to have to teach ourselves. And therefore, the question should be “How to teach yourself to be more confident” & not “whether I can be more self-confident”. Increasing your self-confidence can have a tremendous impact on your life… but if you really want to enjoy the rewards of being a supremely self-confident person, you have to be patient and work on the sub-conscious level.

Here’s how to radically improve your self-confidence levels so you can do just about anything you want in life

Your thoughts are just thoughts:

We are bombarded by zillions of thoughts every day and we literally have no control over them. Believe it or not, about 80 – 90% of thoughts that most people think are negative and are grounded with emotions of fear, worry or uncertainty. The only way to break out of this pattern to is to understand how our mind functions and keep the negative thoughts in check.

You have to become aware and monitor your thoughts. Just learn to observe your thoughts initially and eventually, you will begin to notice various patterns of thoughts emerging. You can now choose to consciously replace negative thoughts with positive ones that support and empower you.

Knowing what you want is essential:

I am surprised to come across many people in my field who really do not know about what they want. And that’s what causes them to fail and struggle over and over again. Knowing what you want and the things you need to be doing on a daily basis to help you get there is ESSENTIAL for you to move towards your goals.

There’s a beautiful saying that goes like this, “If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will take you there”. Sit back for a moment and think about what you really want. How would you like your life to look like in 1 year or 3 years from now? Visualize in your mind’s eye.

Write down the vision you see in your eyes and identify the things that you’ll have to do on a day to day basis that will help you get there and start working on them. When you create a vision for yourself, read and think about your goals daily and start doing things that will move you towards the goal, you will begin to draw upon reserves of supernatural strength that lies within you.

Step outside of your comfort zone and slowly expand:

While climbing the high altitudes in the Himalayas, I and my friends felt terrified to take the next one step into the unknown. We’d take a step with fear and apprehension and then realize it wasn’t so bad and keep going. And the same thing happens with your comfort zone in other areas of your life.

You have to build your confidence muscles by consistently stepping outside of your comfort zone. Just like how muscles expand if you consistently and regularly workout, your self-confidence will also improve as you get out of your comfort zone on a consistent basis. And if you stay in your comfort zone, it will shrink more and more until you lose all of your confidence.

Taking more swings, moves you towards where you want to go:

From personal experience, I’ve realized that one of the best ways to improve your self-confidence is to get up every time after you fail. Your self-confidence is renewed and strengthened when you get up and try again after every failure. It’s not failure that destroys our self-confidence, it’s not getting back up.

History is filled with experiences of people who have done this one thing diligently. They never gave up and continually developed their self-confidence which in turn helped them accomplish audacious And it can be the same with you as well… only if you are willing to get back on track and give it one more go after each time you fail. You can do great things as well.

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