Here’s How To Maintain Incredible Levels of Energy through out the Day

Have you gone through days when you were full of energy and could conquer the world? Have you also gone through days where the exact opposite happens with you slacking down and losing most of your energy in just a couple of hours?

The only way for each one of us to be fully productive is to have incredible amounts of energy throughout the day to meet each and every one of our challenges.

The sad thing is that most people including CEOs, Entrepreneurs and other top executives are found wanting in this department. When they begin work each morning, they usually find themselves groggy, exhausted and out of focus.

Physical and emotional energy is essential to your productivity. The only way you’ll be able to accomplish more and achieve more is when you have top notch energy levels throughout the day.

So if you find that your productivity has been slacking, there’s a strong chance that you’re suffering from an energy issue.

Here are a couple of tips to help you address that…

Fuel your body consistently…

One of the main sources of sustained energy is complex carbs… which is a nutrient that most professionals compromise on. You don’t want your energy levels to crash up and down throughout the day.

You want it to be sustainable so you can focus on everything that demands your attention through the entire day. And the only way to ensure you have sustained energy throughout the day is to ensure a steady source of supply.

Consuming complex carbs found in foods such as whole wheat, fruits, vegetables can provide you with the steady source of energy you need to meet the myriad of challenges that are bombarding you.

Your food intake has to be healthy. You feed your body with good, healthy foods and you’ll experience incredible levels of energy throughout the day. Likewise, if you feed your body with garbage, you are going to get garbage out.

Consider journaling your food pattern on a day to day basis on a journal and review them on a weekly basis so you can rework them.

Set The Pace…

Each one of us is at our best at different times of the day. The trick is to quickly figure this out and ensure that most of your important work is taken care of during these times.

Personally, I’ve found that I’m at my best in the first few hours of the morning and I take care of most of my creative and other challenging tasks during these times.

When I work with my clients one to one, I strongly urge them to classify their tasks into morning, afternoon and evening tasks.

Lower value, easy tasks are to be dealt with when they have the least energy (afternoon). And High value, challenging tasks are meant to be dealt with when they are high on energy (morning and evening).

This way – each and every task is taken care of appropriately and peak energy levels can be sustainably maintained. It might sound a herculean effort now but believe me, it will become a part of your system in no time at all.

Physical Activity Is Essential…

One thing most of us fail to recognize is that we are meant to be physically active, and not grounded to a chair or couch. The main reason why people tend to suffer from poor energy levels is because they are slouched on a chair for most of the day.

While this is the case in most corporate environments, it’s your job to take responsibility and play around with things. Otherwise, you will suffer from not only poor energy levels but also a myriad of other health problems as time progresses.

Make sure that there’s some kind of physical activity involved in each and every task that you do. Be on your two legs and ensure that oxygen is supplied throughout your entire system.

If you’ve been finding yourself drained physically and emotionally and aren’t able to focus on your goals, don’t worry.

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