Here’s How To Prepare Yourself So You Win Big In Career, Relationships And Money

Everybody wants to win big in life. But for many, it’s just a fantasy that they’ll never realize.

The few people who do reach that level of success,never get there through just planning and knowledge.

Being extremely successful or winning big never happens by accident. Those who are extremely successful get there by diligently working on their emotions and channelizing them in a way that gets them to the top of the mountain.

Let’s face it… Your emotions can derail  you or elevate you. The wrong emotions can bring you down, make you despondent and inactive. And at the same time, the right emotions can alleviate your worries, help you focus and move forward with determination.

And if you want to be successful, it is very important that you learn to harness and control your emotional state. In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the methods I use to help change my client’s emotional state positively, so they get to the results they want…

Walk and Talk Like A Real Winner:

If you closely observe the body language of highly successful sportsmen or entrepreneurs, you’ll find that their body language is completely different to others. Your body’s physiology has a bigger impact on your emotional state than anything else.

And if you really want to join the top league, it’s very important that you focus and work on your body language. Your body and mind are always in a feedback loop. If you’re slumping, frowning, cramped or taking shallow breaths, your body is telling your mind to fail.

So it’s important to monitor your body language and flaunt yourself as a true winner. Do whatever it takes to make you look and feel like a winner.

Think about the body language of an extremely successful person…

Pictures of someone with a straight back, head held high and a smiling face comes to mind. By changing your actions from the outside, you can actually reprogram your mind, so it conditions itself to win at everything you do.

Work on Creating Powerful, Positive Neural Pathways:

I always say this to my clients, “Everything happens twice”. First, it happens in our mind (subconsciously) and then in reality.

If your day is NOT going the way you expected it to, chances are you either programmed yourself consciously or subconsciously (through past patterns, negative thoughts, etc) to create such a day in your reality.

And if you want to change the current reality, you have to hack at the root – which is in your mind. Always plan your day ahead and see yourself doing the exact things that you’d like to have done.

By clearly painting a picture of you being successful and doing the things that you need to do, you are actually preparing yourself to win. As you build on this neural pathway over and over again, you will find that nothing has the power to stop you.

When you paint this picture, make sure that you feel the sensations. Hear the sounds, smell what you’d smell when you’re successful in that picture and feel the emotion in your gut.

Make it as real and vivid as possible. Your mind cannot make out what is real and what is imagined. So don’t worry. Start small and in no time at all, you’ll become a master at this.

Take Action and Learn:

In addition to creating a positive mental picture and maintaining a winner’s body language, you also have to take action. A lot of people fail in this area and eventually end up gasping for breath.

I have worked with many clients who literally gave up on their goals and objectives because they found it very difficult to take action and move forward.

And that’s where persistence comes in handy. If you have someone with you that can gently nudge you and positively reinforce you, you can easily start moving forward in the direction you want. By gently nudging my clients and positively reinforcing them, I have been able to create powerful changes in their lives.

And if you’d like someone that can listen to you non-judgementally and consistently nudge you in the direction of your goals and help you get there, go here right now…

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