Feeling Bad? 3 Steps To Overcome Frustration and Feel Optimistic

Do you know someone with a physical ailment that doesn’t go away despite of medication? Does their condition make them feel miserable?

There are many people like them that are truly helpless about their situations. They just have no control over their bodies and it’s impossible for them to feel optimistic and do something worthy.

The ailment hurts and pulls them back, but despite of their pain, they still find a way to push themselves.

At the same time, you also find other normal people, just like you and me… who despite of having full control over their bodies spend all their time in utter misery.

They have no physical ailments that cause them to suffer or feel miserable (except maybe once in a while). But they create a hell for themselves based on their own thoughts, choices and actions.

If you’re one of those people that continually feels miserable, unsatisfied and unhappy about your life situation despite of enjoying perfect health, pay close attention here.

The helplessness that you feel right now is slowly sucking the life out of you. The sooner you get rid of it, the better.

But you might say, “I was wronged by X. That’s why I feel this way” or “Y thing happened and that’s why I’m unhappy”.

Whatever your situation maybe, the more you tell yourself such things, the more victimized you feel on the inside.

So stop justifying… even though you were on the right side. It’s time to take responsibility and pull yourself out of the self-created misery.

Here’s how to overcome your misery and feel positive and optimistic about yourself and your life…

Give yourself the permission to let go:

Let’s say that a young man was dumped by his girlfriend for another man. The young man can’t help but think about her. He truly loved her for the last couple of years.

Every-time he turns in his bed, he thinks about her and isn’t able to get over her at all. This keeps on continuing for a couple of weeks. He feels miserable every single time he thinks about her.

A few months later, he meets another woman and forgets the Ex all together. The thoughts of the old girl don’t haunt him anymore and he’s content with himself and his life.

How did this happen? Let me explain…

The first few weeks – He was just obsessed about the girl and couldn’t stop thinking about her and feeling miserable

Next few weeks (or months) – He begins to socialize with his other friends and has fun moments with them. He concentrates on his work and goes on and things feel normal.

Next few weeks – He begins to meet other women. He finds that another woman is interested in him… and he expresses interest and the relationship starts.  He forgets about the Ex  altogether.

As time passed, the young man subconsciously (or consciously) gave himself permission to let go off his love for the Ex.

The letting go in certain cases is subconscious. That’s the reason getting over a breakup or an ugly life incident takes at least a few months for some people.

But when it’s conscious, it can happen in a few days or weeks.

And that’s what you need to do as well with your life situation. Make a decision right now to let go off the pain that you’re holding on to.

Whether it’s a health condition such as acid reflux, a bad business deal or sour relationship, see yourself releasing the pain in your mind’s eye. Visualize the pain deserting you completely.

It will be uncomfortable first. You could start crying, if it’s something really deep and emotional. But that’s the fastest and best way to let it go.

Embrace your situation and identify the best way to act:

The only reason why terminally ill people with brutal ailments are able to sustain themselves and keep going in a positive manner is because they embrace their condition.

When you don’t accept your condition, you are basically fighting with reality. And the more you resist reality, the more suffering continues.

The key is to be at peace with reality. Embrace the situation with open arms.

Tell yourself the following, “Yes. It happened. I couldn’t do much about it. So what now? It’s in the past now and I can’t let that incident affect me from creating my future. The future is the only thing I have in my control”.

The moment you fully accept the situation, you begin to think logically and you will naturally look to find ways to overcome the situation and create a better future.

Make Compassion and Gratitude your guide:

Many people feel wretched and miserable because they find themselves in situations where they are forced to do some things they don’t want.

They complain and tell themselves internally that they’re supposed to be doing something else but instead due to circumstances, they are forced to do X.

Changing that inner dialog is the key. Instead of telling yourself, “I have to wake up early and get to work. Otherwise, I can’t pay the bills”, tell yourself:

“I am grateful for the opportunity to wake up early and go to work. There are so many people that don’t have this privilege. And my ability to work allows me to pay the bills and lead a comfortable life… which is beyond the realm of possibility for many others”.

In other words, start looking at everything you have to do as an opportunity to make the world a better place. Feel for the world. Express your compassion and be grateful for the opportunities that enable you to serve the world.

Gratitude and compassion is incredibly powerful. It moves you from a self-centered person who is looking at satisfying his/her own wants and needs to a considerate person who does everything as an opportunity to serve others.

And this creates a lot of good in your life internally and externally.

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