Are You Holding Yourself Back? Check Out These 7 Probable Reasons Behind It.

Do you feel deep down in your gut that you are more capable than what you are doing right now but somehow not able to get through the haze? Well, I am not surprised at all. I do hear this often with some most talented people. The good thing about this is that you can pinpoint the reason behind this and take some consistent action to reverse the flow. However as with everything, it all begins with first identifying the reason behind it.

You Do Not Have Clear Written Goals

I do come across so many talented people who do not have specific goals with timeline. Most of them are hazy when it does come to their life’s big goals. They live on the illusion that everything which they are hoping for will someday manifest in front of them.

Well, life does not actually pan out for most of us atleast this way. What is required is to know exactly where and by when you want to get to your Professional and Personal goals. Clear goals would be like a GPS helping us navigate our way through the maze of everyday life.

If we do not have these self-checking mechanisms then it is very easy to lose our way or worse, go around in circles. One of the first things I begin to do with clients when I work with them is help them chalk out small goals and make them win in this area. This brilliant video by Brian Tracy is a must watch for Goal setting.

Once the confidence muscle begins to strengthen, then it natural to step up to work on bigger goals. This will also help to set the neural pathways in the brain to work on goals consistently and get to them.

You Do Not Believe In Baby Steps

Nature does teach us that everything takes time to be built and what you are seeing as success in others is years of consistency and perseverance. If  you are looking at doing something big then it’s prudent that you begin the journey with baby steps. There is absolutely no logic in taking giant strides when you are not strong enough for the long journey. This article by John Brubaker Forget Big Goals.Take Baby Steps for Small, Daily Wins is a brilliant read on this topic.

Yes, there are days when things do not pan out exactly the way we would love to but giving up at the first instance of failure will not take you far enough. Getting to be successful is not the destination but the journey. The moment you begin to take small strides consistently is when you see setting yourself for bigger things in life.

You Are Passing Off Opportunities

Learning and unlearning is something each one of us must consistently do to thrive. If either of the two is compromised then the balance does tilt in other’s favor. The only way you can get better than yesterday is by enhancing your life and learning new skills and information on a daily basis.

When this happens, it is imperative that you also unlearn the things which are not helping you in the long run. I will never let go of an opportunity of learning something new which does help me become better than yesterday. One of the easiest ways to learn something new is to build genuine connections with people.

Each one is good at something and there is always an opportunity to learn and unlearn from somebody else. This will also help you to network better which is the next important topic I want to highlight.

You Do Not Believe In Networking

I am perplexed to see most people shy of networking. Their professional and social circle is only their  family members and a few trusted close friends. Now, remember you might be an introvert but nothing should stop you from using technology to connect with like-minded people who will only add to your knowledge base.

There is always strength in numbers and the logic does hold good in networking. For me personally Networking has been one of the most effective ways to connect and interact with industry leaders. Social media has given each one of us an opportunity to connect with just about anybody in the world by a click of the finger.

Once you begin to become a good networker you will realize that the more you give to others without expecting anything in return is when the true magic of networking will open in front of you. This video is certain to help you get some deep insights on Networking.

Some of my best opportunities have come to me over the years from networking and I spend a considerable amount of time every day in building this one habit, which am sure will work like a charm to each one of you.

You Do Not Love What You Do

If you give in only 50% of your effort to whatever you are doing, sooner or later you would not have to give even that. Without passion in our life it is next to impossible to become successful. Over the years some of the most inspiring and successful people whom I have come across have been passionate and full of energy.

Always remember this “Your passion is the energy which drives you” Without a burning passion it is next to impossible to have a life filled with meaning and purpose. If you do not love what you are doing it is next to impossible to live a complete life filled with adventures and inspiration. This is a great collection about passion in 15 Inspiring people by Dave Kerpen.

There is no one way to build on your passion. However, once you put the finger on the pulse of your purpose, then it is that much easier to work on your passion. When it comes to being passionate then these words of Jon Bon Jovie plays in my mind “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”

You Feel The Safest In Your Comfort Zone

Rolling stone does not gather any moss is something which you have heard N number of times. However, staying in your comfort zone will never give you an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. The more you stay in the comfort zone, the more you are conditioning your mind to become more fearful and stagnate.

I have never come across anyone yet who have exponentially grown by staying in one place. If growth, success and development is what you want in your life going forward, then you must do whatever is physically and mentally possible to help you move out of your comfort zone.

The more you begin to stay in your comfort zone,  the more you will become complacent and develop more blind spots to insulate yourself which will be your own undoing soon. Occasionally being in the comfort zone is something all of us do for short intervals. However, operating from that position all the time is what takes the wind out of your sail in due course.

Your Belief System Is In Shambles

If you do not believe in yourself then how can you expect others to believe in you? If you are serious about exponential growth and success in any endeavor, then working on your belief system is one of the most important tasks you should begin with.

Once you begin to strengthen your own belief system, then it is just a matter of time before it shows in your actions and words. Everyone wants to connect and interact with assertive and confident people and a strong belief system is always like a magnet. This video Psychology of belief is worth a look to help you understand belief system.

It will attract people and opportunities to you which you could never ever imagine. As with everything, working on your belief system is not a walk in the park but a sustained, consistent effort. Begin small and you can always step up when the time is right.

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