How being fit & going green complement each other

As some of you already know, over the last few years I have been working on making my life simpler.I have tried to achieve this, by working towards being fitter,healthier and most importantly becoming a complete vegetarian. All these things go hand in hand and this has made a big difference in my own life.

As we all know that making life simpler is what most of us would  aspire for. I can relate to the fact that over the years making my own life sync with what I really want, has made a big difference. Even though I am nowhere close to being perfect in what I do, I can at the least say that I have moved a lot more forward from the place where I began my journey. I would like to share my own learning’s through these next few paragraphs in the hope that some of you will probably consider emulating it in your own life.

Completely becoming a vegetarian: One of the biggest shifts which happened to me over the last few years was moving away from the “eating anything which moves habit” to becoming a complete vegetarian. It was not easy since we are most of the time influenced by family & friends. It is always difficult to resist temptations more so when it comes to food. What I have learnt along the way is that becoming vegetarian does not have to be an uphill climb. With latest Research proving that Vegetarians are healthier and live longer it is one more reason to turn towards becoming a vegetarian. The Simple strategy is to replace all meat products with fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes. Becoming vegetarian is the first & easiest step one can take towards being fit and healthy.

Consume less: Eating less food does not mean you need to starve, but the key is to eat healthy and make sure that our basic nutrients come from different sources. A Calorie deficit with some regular exercise will eventually make you burn more calories and this will play a key role in keeping your metabolism always at an optimum level. I notice that by including less food, the system will run efficiently in most of the people. There is a spike in energy levels and not to mention the positive change in the thought process which according to me is the key and also because most of them might not realize. This takes some practice for sure, however over a period of time, you will not only save your waistline but also a lot of resources.Consuming less food, has for me worked wonderfully well in other areas of my life, since  this pattern is embedded @ the sub conscious level.

Simple exercise: Again exercise need not be a complex ritual; anything which suits you, can work wonders. I have many clients of mine who have worked on walking more by being more creative or incorporating simple things which make them be on their feet for a couple of hours. Remember even if you can stand for a couple of hours, it is a great opportunity to burn more calories. Once you have taken the first few steps above, I believe that there is a tremendous shift which begins to happen which make you move towards things which you otherwise would not have done.

Over the years i have become more healthy in the mind and body by incorporating these simple strategies, I have noticed a tremendous change taking place from the inside out.We see so much wrongdoing and negativity around us &  the only way we as individuals can make the society more sustainable and conducive to future generations is by working on things which will eventually make each one of us more empowering and positive.I am sure that a lot of meat eaters might disagree with my thoughts.I would be glad to hear any disagreements and as always will look forward to hearing from all, through my Facebook Fan page or at mail Id