How do you beat the Anxious Bug?

Do you get often bitten by the anxious bug? Well we all, at some point of time guilty  in this area; However the truth is, you do not need to go through this and it is easy to beat anxiety & stress with just a few changes through the day.

Anxiety and stress are nothing but our emotional responses, based on our conditioning, environment and internal  dialogue. I have noticed that over the years that it is the little things which pushes one over the edge. It is imperative to be absolutely in control of our emotions at all times.

Over the years whilst working with people, I have developed a unique habit change which has proved extremely effective with my own clients in reworking their emotions. It has also helped condition them to handle the same situation in a far more positive manner, which otherwise would have at most of the time pushed them over the edge.

As with any habit, change from the inside takes patience and loads of determination which unfortunately is not something bought across the shelf.

Some of the steps each one of you can take in the right direction to beat the anxious bug from overwhelming you are –

Plan ahead:

Spending a couple of minutes on planning the day will, to a great extent ensure that you are not weaned towards being anxious the whole day. I am aware you cannot plan everything to the wire but for a majority of things, if we can come out with a workable plan then it does us a world of good.

When I Coach my clients, they come up with some amazing insights on overcoming their anxiety producing beliefs and figure out a way to nip them before they even pop up. This according to me plays a big role in developing an empowering habit going forward.

De-clutter the external & internal environment:

We are, what we are exposed to day in & day out. The easiest thing to work on is our immediate environment. Work on changing our physical environment makes a huge shift at the sub conscious level. If your work or home environment is clean and tidy usually our thoughts also run in the similar fashion.I am talking with experience over here and I have seen more than enough shifts in internal thoughts by just working on the exterior.

Working on the internal environment takes some practice but once mastered,it is easy to let go of all unwanted thoughts and replace it with positive ones. To begin with, I would advocate working on a couple of them which are not high on the intensity scale. Remember all these are thoughts over which each one of you have absolute control.I always insist on taking ownership & that is when the real shifts do begin to appear.

Visualize in creating the path:

When I touch upon this particular habit, most of the people mistake it for dreaming. When we focus on the things which are yet to happen by connecting with most of our  five senses it is called as visualization. Remember the brain cannot make out what is real and what is visualized. It only processes the data accordingly. The key, when it comes to working on your anxiety level is work on visualizing yourself handling the situation calmly, peacefully and with absolute control. When we spend some time in conditioning our own mind towards it, there is a sense of déjà Vu  when it happens in reality. I have experienced this on my own as well as with so many of my clients.

Log in enough sleep and meditate:

Somewhere over the years I have realized that a regular sleep pattern plays an important role in regulating our stress hormones and one’s anxious attacks. Therefore by enabling a regular 7-8 hours of sleep you are building a good foundation for the future.Also this gives a great opportunity to work at the sub conscious level,which I will touch upon through a separate Blog article in the near future.

By incorporating a ten- fifteen minute ritual of meditation, you are on the way of overcoming your anxious habit and in no time you will notice the difference. Meditation is also a critical factor which one can do, along with most of the steps discussed. Work on a mix and match approach which in no time it will get ingrained at the sub conscious level.

If one is always anxious and stressed I have seen more often than not that the person is not taking the control of the things which he/she needs to have. This eventually leads to outages in other areas which might prove extremely costly. I am sure some of you could relate to my words either through your own experiences or those of someone around you.

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