How do you create a lasting change in your life

One of the most important things people want to do is, to change their life and make it last. Change as I Know, can be different to different people. Some of the people I work with would love to change their career, sleep pattern or even their emotional response to the external as well as the internal situations.

Over the last couple of years working with people in helping them make some of the biggest changes in their life and most importantly make it last, is what I am going to write about in the next few paragraphs. Remember change is good and if one needs to evolve, then we need to change. Some of the things which each one of you can look at, for creating the lasting change in your own life would be

Identify what you do want to change:I always remember the words by Author Lewis Carroll – “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”.Unless you know what exactly you intend to change, then it is mostly likely that you will get there. Some of the questions which can definitely put you in the right direction is, What do you want to change about yourself? What do you want to do differently etc… Once the thoughts get aligned and you begin to work towards identifying the change you are looking at then, it is much easier to move on to the next milestone which is –

Commit, educate & set goals: Commitment is the biggest thing,which most of us shy away from, in some form or the other. However focus on commitment will help one  move with blinders towards your goals. Work on gaining momentum by seeking internal & external resources to augment the change process. Be honest about your past,so that you can use your own set of experiences to break patterns that no longer serve you. Make the change process tangible and measurable to an extent. What can you do each day, to get yourself closer to who you want to be? Work on written goals which play a critical role in helping you move towards the lasting change.I have personally seen a huge shift in focus and determination when one works with clear written goals.

Take Action & Visualize: There are no moments without Action.A few months back, talking to one of my friends who was not taking Action made me tell him the following words – “ If you don’t like where you are, then change it. you are not a tree”. This spurred him from the inside and he took massive action which resulted  in him doing, so much in two weeks which he had not done for the last couple of years. Another critical aspect which so many of the people miss out on is “visualizing the things which you would want to change “This according to me is the most important link which connects the conscious to the subconscious mind. I can write on this particular point forever, but would just say that without visualizing, the biggest change does not take place. The level of importance, I would personally give to visualization is incomparable. I have personally experienced some of the biggest shifts in my own life through visualization.when this process begins to happen in the journey of everlasting change,you need to ride the wave and go with the momentum to make it a permanent fixture.

Hire a Life Coach: Finally when all the above points do not give you the desired results, then you can look at  working with a Life coach(which incidentally I am).The reason I love & am so passionate with what I am doing right now is, that i can help most of the people who would have definitely worked on the first few steps but somewhere would have missed out on reaching their final destination. Hence working with an non judgemental Professional Life coach can make a huge  difference in the long run of hitting the change highway. Do check my website, in the about and Life coaching process section where you will get a fair idea in terms of how I operate with people in working on their biggest changes. I look forward to many more people working on the biggest changes in your own life by using some or all the steps I have mentioned. I also look forward to hearing  from some of you, on how you have managed to overcome your biggest change on my Facebook Page  or at mail ID Remember lasting change is a step by step approach and it is very much possible when you do take the most important first step.