How do you know you have developed a good Habit?

Are you aware that more than 50% of our behaviors on a day to day basis are habitual and not intentional?Well this means that,if you really want to, you can work towards changing any of your dis empowering behavior into empowering ones.

Working with clients over the years has not only given me an insight into how one can work towards changing habits but also helped me develop a sharp eye to notice when a behavior is moving towards becoming a habit. However do note, that these are through my own experiences and not necessarily the rule or the norm –

It does become your default behavior: Our response to certain situations is due to the neural pathways developed in our brain over the years. Once these patterns are rewritten, then one will respond in a different way. Once you do something empowering as a default , then it is the first sign of habit formation.

Taking my own example –  Earlier I used to sit and take my calls. Now my default mode of talking to someone over the phone  is to stand and walk around. You will rarely see me sitting & talking.Somewhere over the years, when i began to work on myself &  see the bigger picture I did these changes.

You do not push yourself in doing it:  Anything which needs a push to be done is not a habit yet. Yes I too went through the learning curve, while inculcating many Empowering habits. However  over a period of time I did not push myself to do these things. When you begin to lose confidence in doing the things you are meant to do, it will eventually affect the positive outcome.

Therefore  you would might want to ensure that you are always “pulled” towards doing an empowering habit. The Analogy of pulling the thread and not pushing it fits here beautifully and I never shy away from using this particular Analogy with my coaching clients.

You do begin to stop giving excuses: Once you take ownership of your actions, then you automatically begin to stop giving excuses. What used to be a solace earlier,  will eventually not console you. All these will change when there is a strong will to overcome the habit of giving excuses.

One does need to work @ the subconscious level though  to break this particular pattern and ensure that the change is everlasting & one does not go back to the old patterns & thoughts.

You enjoy doing it: What used to be a chore is now a fun activity and you  look forward to doing it. This is the stage where one has the habit ingrained @ the subconscious level. Getting up at the crack of dawn was once unthinkable of in my life. However now I look forward to it and it has become something which I enjoy doing. Look at what you really enjoy doing right now in your life.

Try and replicate those actions and feelings into the any new habits to begin with. It is always a smart & a shrewd person who will look at opportunities around him/her  for not reinventing the wheel.

 However  remember that Good positive empowering habits are not built in a day, but worked through blood, sweat & tears. However, I have seen my clients, alter their life in a positive way after working with me for just a few weeks. With most of them, this has proved to be a solid foundation through which they have built their success stories.

The biggest compliment one can receive as a Life Coach is when someone says that these habits, have made them unstoppable in their respective fields, which is changing their trajectory for the good.

I hope you have got an insight on how to know if an empowering habit has become a part of you.  I will look forward to hearing from you as always at my mail or on my FB Fan page