How do you train yourself to be more positive?

One thing which people value the most according to me  is to just be positive. I have had some people over the years telling me that “You know, it does not matter if I lose everything, but I need to be more positive and work towards being an everlasting optimist. This is a little difficult to start with but with a little persistence and effort, one can train themselves to be more positive.

The actual thing which got me thinking was – Is there a simple step by step guide to work on being positive? This was triggered when I got a call from a prospective client who wanted to work with me “Just to be Positive”. When self introspected, I released that even though I am an extremely positive person now, I was never born with this trait, nor is anybody else. Over the years I have worked on this and if I know what this is, others can replicate it too. Given below are a few pointers to help you –

Learning Positivity: This is a No-brainer. Just like learning a new skill, say learning to drive, riding a bike or even learning a new language, with persistence effort and determination the brain begins to develop a pattern to work towards achieving the goal. It begins to scan for the good things in life and help us create more possibilities. This is the key, when you set yourself up in working towards developing a new habit.  Initially the resistance is strong but when you dig in and hold your ground the real magic begins to happen. This according to me is the key and the simplest way of learning to be more positive.

Work on developing 3 positive things for the day and logging it:I remember many years ago I had set this upon myself to do three things positive without expecting anything in return. It can be as simple as complimenting someone @ work or thanking someone who went out of their way to make you what you are right now. It could be, even connecting with your old friends who helped you in your journey. By setting yourself to commit for 3 things you are creating possibilities and by writing it down at the end of the day you are ensuring that you register it. This one habit has worked for me in so many different ways and I do not even think about this on a conscious level anymore now.

Acknowledge someone for their effort:I can see a great opportunity in Social Network sites where people spend so much time. A simple step like acknowledging someone in their own journey will let people, know that you’ve noticed. I spend considerable amount of time on social network sites looking for an opportunity to acknowledge people who are making an effort to be more positive and empowering. It takes effort to show some courage and say thanks to people for stepping up. I meet so many friends and acquaintance  who regularly say that they just  love my posts, video’s and content but do not have an answer when ask them why they don’t make an effort to comment if it did make sense.

Do Something Nice: I am a great believer of looking for an opportunity of just being nice. Something as small and simple as making someone smile goes a long way. I will never miss out on an opportunity to make my clients smile during my Coaching calls. Pausing to do something thoughtful has the power to get you out of that negativity loop. Do something nice that is small and concrete. It can be carrying someone’s grocery bag till their car or even buying someone a coffee. See what works for you and do it. I will guarantee you that in no time it will become a part of you and also you will become natural in it.

Sometimes paying attention to the present moment without being judgemental plays a big role in developing your own positive quotient to a large extent. What I have realised over the years as a full time professional Life Coach is that opening my awareness beyond the narrowness of negativity, helps me bring in balance to my clients and most importantly positivity into the picture. This is what I am so blessed about being a coach. I hope these thoughts of mine have made you think that being positive is a learning curve which anyone can develop, if you invest some time to it. As always would love to hear from you on my Face Book Page  or on my email Id