How does Life Coaching Work?

Is there some aspect of your life you would like to change or improve, but do not know where to start? Do you have a goal or a wish that  somehow seems out of your grasp? Well if you have answered yes to any of these questions then do read on

Over the years people have asked me about Life Coaching and the role it plays in changing people’s lives. When I step back and see myself a couple of years ago, I too had  questions on similar lines. Hence with the awareness that a Life Coach is becoming more & more prominent today, who better to address this, than then someone who does this full time.

I will try and be as Unbiased as possible when I try and decipher the art of life coaching. Do excuse me in case you find me wavering on and off. I am so passionate about working with people, that I do tend to go overboard at times.

Most of the people according to me,find it extremely undesirable to work with a counselor or a therapist because they tend to fix a social stigma to the same. However Life coaches function in an area which does not necessarily mean playing either of the roles.

They are professionals who are absolutely committed,Non judgmental and most importantly passionate about the role they are playing.

Life coaching is well suited with just about anybody, irrespective of their background or qualification. Once you have decided that you need a professional to walk alongside you, when you are moving towards the biggest change in life, be it professional or personal then it is time to work with a Life Coach. However the two most important reasons Life coaching is so very effective are –

The process does take place in a Non Judgmental space: Most of us when faced with challenges  would have turned towards family or friends, which to a certain extent does work but we as humans do tend to be judgmental. When we know someone from years it is natural that we tend to be judgmental even if one does not want to be.

However as a Life Coach, we challenge some of your assumptions, but this will be purely as a means to uncover potential conflicting values that may be limiting the effectiveness of your actions.

When you do know that someone is absolutely Non judgmental, the wavelength moves into  a different stratosphere.This according to me plays a critical role in developing the trust & connection between two individuals.

Develop a sense of Accountability: Friends, spouses and partners can be helpful, and might naturally hold you accountable based on their relationship with you.  These relations may, in turn,prove to be a double-edged sword. In this less-than-perfect world, most are not trained in the art and skill of listening. Some people may even harbor judgments or co-dependencies towards you.

I have seen that Once you are Accountable to someone & in this case it would be a Life Coach, the ownership shifts at the sub conscious level,which according to me is the core of an individual. I have seen some of my own clients changing gears in a short span of time and enjoying the exhilarating journey.

I personally feel that once we are accountable to ourselves, then nothing can put us off course.

Accordingly these two are the reasons I consider to be critical when it does come to Life Coaching and the reason  it has been so effective, across regions and cultures.

Additionally I  also work as a Wellness Coach and strongly believe that one can improve any area of one’s life when the overall wellness of an individual improves both  at the conscious & the sub conscious level.So over the years I have began to integrate Life’s challenges with overall wellness and primarily work on this area.

From the above, I hope you would have gained some knowledge about Life Coaching. If you or someone whom you care about, fit into this mold then  do not hesitate to reach out to me,because I work with clients across continents using technology and as long as you are on this planet we can begin our journey.

I would love to hear from you as to what you do think about Life Coaching and how effective it would be in shaping one’s life,either through my Face Book Fan Page  or at my mail Id