How not to let fear run you

How would your life be if fear was only a word you knew about in the dictionary? Well fear of failure is probably the highest reason which stops most people from living their dream.

You can find some solace  to know that I too went through this phase,when I allowed fear to override my thought process.

As most of you know by now, a couple of years ago i was very much the corporate types “living paycheck to paycheck” and you guessed it, the one thing which stopped me from becoming what I am right now  was “FEAR”.

I had to do something drastic from within, to overcome it and live the life I always wanted. Given below are some of the things which you could implement in your respective journey  to eliminate fear –

Fearlessness is just like a muscle: The best metaphor I can think of fear & relate to it  is, as a muscle in the human body. Each one of us can work towards overcoming fear by only working on it.

The more you tend to exercise the muscle, the stronger it gets. The Same logic will work with being absolutely fearless in the journey of Life.

Change your vision of your world: It is extremely important to see the world the way you want it to be. The more you see yourself in the mind’s eye, doing the things you always wanted to do, the body will respond more often than not.

I always advocate some time everyday to enhance one’s vision to overcome the areas of fear, in your life. For those of you who cannot see things vividly in the future, do not worry.

Try writing down the areas of your life where you need change & be fearless  and within no time, these will be conceptualized as images in your mind.

Be clear in your communications: Most of the people who harbor some kind of fear in them are not very clear about their wants. This automatically translates into the language being used and in turn affects your internal communication.

The easiest thing each one of you can do to set this right  is to practice being more clear in your communication. I know that being exactly clear in what you do want, might be overwhelming to most of you, but over a period of time it tends to become more of a habit.

What at times was an effort will eventually become a regular thought process.

Do not overspend risk proofing a situation:  Most of the things around us are beyond our control and the more we think of it, the more stress we tend to accumulate.Once you are in acceptance of this fact, the closer you will be towards fearlessness.

When I became a Life & Wellness Coach, I realized this pretty early and focused more on the task in hand. This played a vital part in my own progress.

Asking yourself this question, when faced with a situation will always give you some amazing insights on what can be prevented and what is in your hand. Work on this instinct and it will play a vital role for you in the years to come.

Do one thing everyday which scares you: We come across so many situations in our daily life, which we ignore because we are scared to face it. We can get good at this by only doing small things which scare us.

It can be as simple as walking up to the person, in the office and connecting with him/her. What this does is, it gives you a clear road-map for the future in differentiating between, what scares you and what is dangerous for you.

Once you begin to overcome small fears in your mind, you can work towards bigger ones. As always, I believe that consistency and focus will help you get there in no time.

There is no magic here  but pure inertia which takes you there.Some  of my clients do say that i make it sound so easy.Deep down I believe that “it always is”.

Working towards fearlessness, is an empowering habit which each one of you can develop by working on it. There is no other way to perfect this, other than getting into the arena and getting one’s hand dirty.

Pick and choose what suits you and begin in a small way. I will guarantee you that in no time you will see drastic improvements.

I hope that I could tap into an area which was always bothering you. As always I would love to hear from you in terms of how much of an impact these words & thoughts  had on you, at my mail id or at my Facebook fan page