How to be absolutely focused in times of adversity

As an individual One is sure to face major obstacles in their life journey. This, if worked on properly, can make you stronger in the days to come. I generally see people who are absolutely focused on their short or long term goals but at the first sign of an obstacle, they start to doubt themselves.

Challenges, difficulties and temporary setbacks are bound to happen to every human being. The one who looks at it in the eye and faces up to it is eventually whom we talk about in the long run. I personally feel that without these setbacks, you could not have learned what you needed to know and developed the qualities of your character. My plea is to embrace adversity and accept it as a natural part of human evolution. However at times, do step back and see how best you can eventually learn from it. What i have learnt over the years by working with people in helping them overcome their biggest challenges in their personal or professional life is what I intend to discuss below.

I strongly believe that much of your ability to succeed comes from the way you manage life in general and the Stress factor. The key characteristic I have observed with some of my own clients is that they recognize the inevitability of a temporary setback and accept it as a natural part of one’s life. The euphoric feeling I, as a Life Coach, will always Savour is not when they work on avoiding problems but when they do come face to face with adversity – learn from them and respond with a positive attitude. Some of the cues I have put across here for each one of you to work on your own vision in spite of adversity are –

Manage stress through a positive approach: over the years i have realized that by being optimistic,it is much easier to move beyond the initial turbulence and respond quickly through a positive mindset. It was a herculean effort for me at one stage, but over a period of time it has become more of a habit. What I personally feel is that, one needs to counter the negative feeling by re-framing the event either of the past or present and make it appear positive in some way. Well as a Life Coach I always do this with my clients and help them re frame the events in their mind. Hence the change is effective and most importantly permanent.

Move Forward and develop an attitude: It is prudent to move forward and only by forward momentum can one reach their destiny. Resolve in advance that no matter what happens, you will not allow the situation to get you down. You will respond with a constructive and positive attitude. You will take a deep breath, relax and look for whatever good the situation may contain. Most of the times when we change the direction of our vision then our biggest questions are answered. Developing an attitude is nothing but programming your sub-conscious mind. The easiest way is to talk to yourself and communicate through with positive thoughts and actions. I am a big believer of whatever is expressed is impressed. Whatever you say to yourself or others is impressed deeply into the subconscious mind and is likely to become a permanent part of one’s personality. Hence you can see my Facebook Fan Page  is filled with tons of materials on positive thoughts and doable actions.

Accept that you need to fail to eventually succeed: Remember that everyone who is successful, has failed so many times. I always give the example of how we as children, fell down so many times when we began to walk on our own two legs. If our parents had given up, then most of us would have given up and stopped trying. This lesson I feel somewhere is forgotten in our own journey called life.

Keep your vision on your goals: When things go wrong temporarily, Resolve to maintain a positive attitude, be cheerful, and resist every temptation toward negativity and disappointment. View a disappointment as an opportunity to grow stronger, bigger and talk about it to yourself and others in a positive way. I am a strong believer that our thoughts create our words and eventually actions. I always encourage my clients during my coaching session to respond to problems by changing their language from negative to positive. Whatever may be the situation the crux of the it is the same. what matters is the way each one of you interprets the situation to makes it sound and appear completely different in the mind. Working on your vision towards your biggest goals takes some effort. I am aware and walked the bridge, it does not happen in a day but the most important knowledge is that it is very much possible.
I hope the above words have given you a paradigm shift in working on your biggest goals with a different approach. I would as usual love to hear from each one of you as to how you manage to work on your own big, audacious goals. Do feel free to share your knowledge or thoughts on my Face book Fan Page or even mail me on