How To Channelize Your Emotions To Achieve Any Goal That You Want

In one of my seminars on “Emotional Well-Being”, a participant asked me what might be the two key areas one needs to focus on to be successful.

It was a straight-forward question but it made me think.

I told him promptly that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach. At the same time, I began to reframe the question in my own mind.

I thought about all of my previous clients, some of whom were desperately struggling and how they were able to transform their lives in a few years and I stumbled upon the following answer…

Memory Modification

Almost everything that you believe right now about yourself, about your external world and other facts are a by-product of your memories – your past experiences, present experiences and your expectation of the future based on your present/past.

The only reason why you have any desire at all is because your subconscious and conscious mind believes that it’s actually possible for you to manifest the desire.

Even if a goal appears far-fetched, it doesn’t matter. As long as you feel the desire for it in your gut, it means your subconscious and conscious mind believe that it’s possible for you to get there.

And this belief is based on your previous storehouse of memories.

The trick is to understand how memories work and begin modifying them deliberately for your own benefit.

Here’s an example…

Person X got dumped by Person Y. Person X feels terrible and isn’t able to move on with their life. They try all sorts of things but continue to feel bad. Their career, health and social relationships are affected.

But after a year or so, they forget about Person Y and things start falling in place for them. They don’t feel terrible anymore.

The reason Person X was able to forget about Person Y was because time healed their negative memories. That’s how most of memories are processed unconsciously.

But if one learns to work with them consciously and modify them, you can LITERALLY achieve any goal that you want for yourself.

And here’s how to deliberately modify your memories so you can achieve any goal that you want successfully…

Banish Your Failures And Limiting Beliefs:

One of the main reasons why a lot of people struggle is because of past failures. Their past failures make them think that they can’t do X, Y and Z even though they want to be able to do those things.

There are many business-owners that are completely risk-averse because of the failures they’ve encountered. They hesitate to take risks even if it is a smart one.

The key is to release the power of these negative memories and experiences have on you. We have to do this by reducing the intensity of your bad memories.

Here’s how to do that…

  • Go away somewhere quiet when you feel fresh and relaxed
  • Think of a bad memory that has affected you. Picture it as vividly as possible.
  • Once you get the clear picture, imagine it getting smaller and dimmer in your mind’s eye
  • Change the color of the image to black and white
  • And then scramble the memory

Here’s an example….

Let’s say you have a negative memory of people laughing at you for a mistake. You could see all of them as your favorite cartoon characters. Picture it in your mind’s eye and laugh at the incident.

Do this step at least 5 – 6 times and you’ll notice that the incident does not sting you as much as it used to.

And that’s how you reduce the intensity of bad memories.

Improve Your Strengths:

Just banishing your negative memories isn’t enough; you have to feed your mind with newer positive thoughts, images and feelings about yourself.

This means creating an EXACT opposite picture of the negative memory that you removed and installing it deliberately into your subconscious.

If you’ve been inconsistent in your exercise routine and you just reworked the inconsistent self-image, then it’s time to picture a consistent ‘YOU’.

Here’s how you do that…

  • Create a picture of yourself where you’re doing your workouts with great consistency.
  • Make sure that you see the image vividly in your mind’s eye
  • Make it brighter and brighter and bring the image as close to you as possible
  • Invoke and associate positive emotions with the image while picturing it

Continually do this for about 7 – 10 times and you’ll instantly start feeling better. The more you experience the memory, the more you’ll want to make it real again.

That’s how you modify memories deliberately to achieve anything you want. You’ll be able to:

  • Overcome bad habits and create new, supportive habits
  • Banish all of your fears and self-limiting beliefs
  • Regulate your behavior
  • Increase your focus on goals and objectives
  • And so on.
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