How to create an empowering Vision

Many times I think about our purpose in Life or whether we have specific tasks to accomplish in this world before we move on. I strongly believe that each one of us is guided by our inner voice to chart out our road map in this universe.
When I was on a coaching call last week the discussion turned towards vision and how to create our vision for our future. So here I am sitting with my trusted companion, my Laptop, and trying to put my thoughts in an article. Some of the steps in creating an empowering  vision according to me are 

See clearly in the mind’s eye:
When one is very clear with his/her goals, then the image in the mind becomes that much clearer with vivid details. The first step towards creating a vision for the future is to condition the mind to visualise things. For beginners, if you can think of the best holiday you have had with all the details then that is visualisation. 
Creating a future is the opposite of seeing things which have already happened. Do not get perturbed by the fact as to how can one see something which is yet to happen. That is the amazing power of the mind. I am sure most of you are aware of the famous saying by Walt Disney “if you can dream it then you can get it”. Well nothing can be farther from the truth with respect to each one of our lives. Therefore create a vision with utmost clarity in your mind’s eye be it a healthier, happier or a better you. The more clarity you have with an image then the more your sub conscious mind will guide you to work towards it. Make it better by seeing it more like a movie.

Write down the goal:
A simple act of writing down one’s goals with clarity will ensure that you are reminded of it every time you see it. Write down with clarity your goals with specific time frames for achieving the same. Write it down on post it notes and stick it at points where you can see it. You must create the image of your goal. For example write down the specific weight you intend to reach by what day and put in a place where you will see it first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed at night.

Live in the future: 
Do a weekly run of your future vision and experience the feeling. What I mean is take out time for 10-15 minutes once a week and experience the feeling you expect when you have already reached the goal. See people coming to you, congratulating you and asking you for suggestions and advice. Feel the touch and see the colour of things around you. What you are doing here is making the experience so real with the knowledge that the mind can’t make out what is real and what is imagined. Do this experiment to make you feel the euphoria of already reaching your goals.

Work towards your Goals: Of course the most important factor over here is to work on your goals. Visualising and doing the above mentioned exercises will help the cause only when you start taking small dedicated steps towards your final objective. No matter how many times you fail you just need to keep going at it and not lose sight of the final destination. You might fail badly but get up every time you fail and try with another approach.

What I have noticed is that when one uses the power of visualisation we tend to be more focused on our goals and do not come out with excuses as to why we are not able to work towards it. The mind starts making you work towards your goals with absolute clarity and does not allow the negative thoughts and influences to override. With Visualisation, one can work on getting a better body or a more fulfilling relationship or even a better job. There is absolutely no limit on the capability of our mind when it is fed with clarity and focus.

I sincerely hope that you will put this in practise for making your visions come true and share your experiences with me and others. I would Love to hear your experiences on visualisation and how you have worked yourself against all odds by using the power of visualisation. Do write me a mail or better put in your comments in my face book page