Develop an Abundance Mindset

Are you aware that the more you cling onto things in your life; the more you are creating a mindset of scarcity? This mindset is more often than not, based on fear.

I have noticed over the years that when someone is lacking in one area, it will eventually spread to other areas of their life. One of the ways you can develop an abundant mindset is by being willing to give from where you are. To begin with, look at the following –

Work on your Self belief:

Working with someone who is lacking in their self belief is a sure way to work on yours. Surprised! – well the fact is that when you reach out to someone who is struggling with their “belief structure” and genuinely put in thoughts of belief in them, you are actually doing yourself a world of good.

By walking with someone in their journey of self discovery, you are working on a universal law –

“The way to receive freely is to give freely”

There is magic in filling someone’s mind with positive energy. You will be overwhelmed with gratitude and this is something, one can only experience.

Get unstuck in life:

Most of us will get stuck in situations, phases or crossroads in life. Working with a “Life Coach” is a viable option for sure. However it is not the only one. You can also help someone who is having a similar challenge & help them overcome theirs. With experience, I know that reaching out to someone who wants to be unstuck will eventually come back to you in a better way.

You can call it Karma, coincidence or any other word, it is up to you. What is important is that you can work on yourself wonderfully by just helping others reduce their gaps. This is how I began my own journey of becoming a Professional Life Coach.

Feeling dejected:

A feeling of dejection is common with most people. The simplest thing you can do from this moment is to give some before you begin to get some. Look around you – there are zillions of people who lack genuine warmth & love. Spend some time with them and make them feel cared or loved. I will guarantee you that in no time, you will feel much better.

When you give your warmth & love to someone it is like a gift, where you are not expecting any return gift. This in my opinion is what creates the magic of the Abundance mindset.

With all of these tips, you have to start with where you are.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  Be willing to give what you got from where you are and I promise you – abundance will flow into your life.  You will in no time be actively creating the abundance mindset.

Having more of things you really deserve is not rocket science. It is nothing but going back to the basics & working on being more humane. I can promise you one thing – the more you work on this, you are sure to attract more of it and thereby the process of developing the Abundance mindset would have begun.

Would like to hear from you on your thoughts on “the Abundance mindset” – do you think it is possible to have more of everything in our life?

Also, there will be certain factors which may be preventing you from developing an abundance mindset.

Take the case of Shravya. She was brought up with the “Give more” mindset which she was following. However, to her dismay she ended up getting disappointed every time she gave.

That’s because her actions were not acknowledged in the right manner. This led to her developing a  mindset where she chose not to help anyone. If you thought, she was happy now, NO …. she became more unhappy. That’s because it was not who she was. She felt bad every time she had to refuse to help.

The interesting thing in her case is that she had allowed her emotions to take decisions for her rather than following her heart. She had taken the decision to not help based on a foundation of anger, feeling betrayed and had thereby built an invisible fort around her.

She also struggled from frustration and feeling low when she wasn’t herself.

It was then that she came to us for guidance. Helping her understand the emotional part of her struggle and guiding her to get back on track with renewed interest became our focus, which we did work on. Now, she is happier than ever being her true self and also emotionally strong not getting affected by those who try to hurt her by not acknowledging her good intentions and actions.

To help people like Shravya and many more out there become emotionally stronger and still work on the “Abundance Mindset”, we came up with a product which focuses on the foundation of an abundance mindset ie becoming emotionally stronger.

This is available to each one of you as we believe in serving more people who can get maximum benefit from our product.

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Emotion Management

This is a good time to work on this area as it will not only help you develop an abundance mindset but also a lot more. You will get to know more about the benefits as you explore the product.

Besides working with clients 1 on 1, we also engage with corporate teams through our Virtual Coaching Sessions.

Through these sessions, your team will learn to develop an “Abundance Mindset” while will inturn propel the team’s approach to work and indirectly performance and make them start performers.

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