How to develop & build the Wellness Muscle

The Wellness Muscle is a metaphor for developing a healthy habit both @ the physical & Emotional level. With more & more people neglecting their health, there has to be awareness spread around for people to be more responsible towards their well being is what I intend to touch upon through this blog article.

In my own case, it was not until my body began to rebel and refused to perform, due to a lack of exercise. This made me begin an exercise regimen over the last couple of years, from which I have never looked back. Incidentally ,there is an easier way for each one of you to work on becoming healthier. You should not necessarily suffer through a cure. First things first –

Be yourself:  When I interact with people who are mostly working in high stress jobs, I realise that they do not expand their horizons. They only consider a few options of getting healthy. I always advocate that if some kind of exercise does not seem like a fit with you or you cannot relate to it, like I couldn’t with Squash, dump the idea and figure out what exactly fits you. When you began to move towards the direction of your choice, you have already begun a step forward  on a positive note.

Clear the Junk: I have noticed over the years that, when an individual’s mind is in chaos, it is a stretch to make and take decisions to develop any new habits, especially regarding one’s health. Mostly the mind is filled with unwanted Negative and limiting thoughts which will derail each one of us in moving forward. These thoughts have been harbored and fed by you alone. You have absolute control in ensuring that, they do not make you lose your focus & purpose in life. Work at the Emotional level, to clear out as much as junk as possible and you will create more opportunities to be yourself.Remember when you remove unwanted things from your mind,you are creating space for new things in your life.

One step at a time: There is absolute magic in starting small and ending big. I can vouch for this, since this is working brilliant  in so many areas of my own life. When you take small steps, there is ample room and time to maneuver, if you slip up (which you will). By working on small changes, both at the Emotional & physical level, you are Re-conditioning your mind to accept the changes and eventually make it permanent.There is absolute magic in working at conditioning both these areas at the same time and I do believe strongly,that each one feeds on the other.

Move out of the comfort zone: Our mind & body is so conditioned that we will get comfortable in a situation (be it positive or negative) and thrive in it. Therefore the idea is to always move towards challenging yourself by stretching a little bit, now and then. I am comfortable running a 5 K in less than  30 minutes. I am planning to stretch it to 10 K sometime this month to help my mind and body move out of the comfort zone. By doing this, I have realized that one can add energy & excitement to the overall Wellness Goal.

Celebrate and share your process: It is extremely important that you let people who matter to you, know your progress if not in a direct way. By sharing your insights, you are not only doing yourself a big favour, you are also ensuring that you are inspiring others to emulate you and build their own wellness muscle. With technology at our fingertips, we all can use it to positively impact others.

Over the years, I have seen my clients develop some incredible discipline and motivation. Most importantly they have begun to enjoy the journey of building their own wellness Muscle. This has helped them to improve in the most important areas of their life. With more & more people succumbing to Emotional instability, it is imperative that each one of you begin to work on your own Wellness muscle. I have shared some of the ways and not necessarily all, to develop a strong Wellness Muscle. I hope that some of you do realise, how important it is to develop this area of one’s life. I would love to hear from each of you,as to how you intend to work on developing your own Wellness Muscle on my Face book Page or at mail Id on