How to ensure your Life is always organised

It is rare to find a person who is organised in every area of his/her life. At times one tends to be extremely organised at work but the exact opposite regarding their domestic front. I have been working on being better organised for quite some time and even now I feel that there is ample area for improvement. There seems to have been a considerable improvement though from where I was to where I am presently in the being organised department. During my coaching sessions with clients most of them work on and priorities getting organised. Hence I thought why not share this topic with my readers as well.So some of the easiest and simplest ways to make one’s life organised is 

Writing down the 3 most important tasks for the day:
A simple exercise of writing down the 3 most important tasks for the day brings in a lot of awareness and one does tends to make time for it in the sub conscious level. Now working on the three most important things will ensure that the most important tasks at hand are taken care of and one can then focus on the less priority areas. By doing this one simple exercise, a lot of stress can be managed when one is running against the clock.

Do one thing at a time:
I have been ranting about how multitasking brings down the productivity. Latest research has indeed proved that people who do tend to Multitask are prone to acute stress and feel completely drained out at the end of the  day. The thumb rule I always follow is to do one thing at a time and move on to the next important task only when I have completed the one at hand. Do not take my words for granted, try this exercise for a day and you will be surprised with the result.

Do it now
Procrastination is one of the biggest hindrances to our growth and most of us fall into this trap at one time or the other. To avoid this I have always vouched for doing things immediately if the time and the situation permit and not wait for a better day for the sun to shine brighter. Even a simple strategy of putting one step forward towards a humongous task makes the task that much closer. I have seen some brilliant people who succumb to procrastination and feel incapacitated at the end of the day. I have realised that one can overcome fear only by looking at it straight in the eye and moving towards it. So my two takeaways here will be to Do it now and not wait for another day to begin with.

Place everything in their place: 
This is like using a planner (either electronic or some like me still a hard bind) to place things in their respective place. The logic is to make things simple and not get stressed with things not in place. There is a certain magic in simplicity and one needs to experience the sense of keeping things absolutely simple .I always believed that one’s life needs to be made as simple as possible to make maximum use of our potential.

Learn to say No
Sometime by saying No to someone or some tasks will ensure that you do not lose your focus. The art of saying No is something that one needs to develop and it comes only with practise. There are many people who will distract you either at work or outside and it is prudent in our own self interest to say No to these kinds of people who after some time will get the message and move on to their next victim.

Delegate better:
I have experienced that the most demanding situations at work or even at home can be managed well if one does learn the art of delegation. By delegating work to your subordinates at work you are not only allowing them to step in to your shoes but also building a wonderful relationship called trust. So by delegating tasks according to the situation you are ensuring that you do not have more food on your plate and have absolute control of your time. By proper delegation one can manage stressful situations efficiently and effectively.

You control your Life
Remember that you have absolute control of your life and it is how you manage your day to day tasks that will ensure how your Life goes by. By working on your priorities and ensuring you have time for yourself by being more organised, you can be that much more productive in your life and ensure you take control of your life more effectively.
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