How To Gain Mental Clarity And Focus In The Next 7 Minutes

Get unstuck, Stop procrastinating

Over the years I have noticed that some of the most successful people do have one incredible quality and that is their ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time.

However with so much of distraction and the incredible pace at which most of the people do lead their lives, it is next to impossible for some  to channelize all their  energy in having absolute clarity and focus.

In this article, I am going to share the exact ways I help my clients to gain mental clarity and develop incredible focus to channelize their energy into whatever they do wish to accomplish.

 One of the biggest traps most of the people do fall into is that when they see themselves not having emotional clarity and are unable to focus on their biggest goals, they do tend to believe that’s how their brain does work and not much can be done.

However when they do speak to me for the very first time, most of them are surprised to hear that anyone can gain more emotional clarity and focus better.

It’s just another skill one needs to learn just like playing a new sport or learning a new language. Some of the action steps you can take from this minute  to move in the right direction would be

Minimize Distractions  

Being distracted to a certain extent is helpful but when one is distracted again and again, it does drain our limited energy level. With so much of distraction around each one of us, it is just a matter of when then why.

Each one of the distractions, be it a over dependent college, emails, social media or even our mobile phones all vie for our attention. If we do not pick and choose carefully it is bound to pull us in every direction.

It is imperative to build walls around us to limit distractions to the bare minimum.

Your Brain Is Not Wired For Multitasking

One of the biggest fallacies people do succumb to off-late is that they do need to Multi-task to become more successful. On the contrary, the opposite is true and there is more than enough research out there to prove that Multitasking is a Myth.

In fact, it is proven in the latest research papers that succumbing to multitasking more often than not, leads one to sacrifice big time on the efficiency part.

This is exactly the very reason why it is so very dangerous to drive and speak/text on the mobile. Fatal accidents is always round the corner and so it is in your professional or personal life if you are into Multitasking.


More and more research is pointing towards the theory that having an organized environment around each one of us is bound to boost our own individual productivity.

I am a big believer of minimalist living and always go one step further in decluttering my own environment. Having too much of clutter around us affects our ability to concentrate and eventually process the information.

One of the most important tasks I do help my own clients with, when I do engage with them in one-on-one coaching is to help them declutter their life both from the inside and the outside.

This helps each one of them to develop absolute clarity of the mind and more often than not enhances the focus.

What Is Your Brain-Boosting Music?

Each one of us respond to sound and noise differently. I have been listening to brain boosting music from decades to always increase my own Mental clarity and focus and I do not see any reason as to why it should not work for you.

However each one of us are different and you might have to see what suits you and plan accordingly.

There is no “one size fits all” but I have come across many people who swear by light music in the background as their top brain boosting go-to music.

Find Your Best Natural Bio – Rhythm

 Are you aware that each one of us are the best at a certain time of the day? This is largely due to many reasons but finding the sweet spot is not difficult.

For me, the best time of the day is early in the morning when I can be absolutely focused and brimming with ideas. It’s a No-brainer to figure out that I do my most important task for the day during this time.

Get to find your own Bio Rhythm and use this time to work on your biggest tasks. As with most of the people, our mental clarity and focus do begin to taper as we run through the day and is at the lowest probably at the fag end of the evening .

Restful Sleep Is A Necessity Not Luxury

With less time and more things to do in the scorching pace, most people lead a life in which one thing which inadvertently does take a beating is the sleep pattern.

Most of the people I do come across are sleep deprived and they do tend to play around with their circadian rhythm by not sticking to a disciplined sleep pattern through the week including the weekend.

Over the years this is bound to take a big toll on your focus and mental clarity. If you are guilty of doing this then, this is the first area you might have to begin improving.

Eat For Your Brain

Even though I am a big advocate for eating healthy, when it comes to developing your mental clarity and increasing your focus it is imperative you include food rich with antioxidants and good fats.

A handful of dry fruits  which does consist of Walnuts, Almonds, flaxseed and raisins is good enough to begin with other than ensuring fresh fruits and vegetables and drastically reducing food rich with trans-fat and made of refined flour.

Most do tend to eat for losing weight, gaining strength but do forget that our brain also needs to be nourished with the right kind of food for it to be working in peak condition.

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