How to get unstuck in life?

Achievement is always a steady surge and Rome was not built in a day. These were my words to a caller,who had called me saying that she felt stuck in life  and incapacitated to do just about anything. I come across many people who more or less are in the similar position be it with their personal or professional lives.

What I have seen over the years is that most of the people go through extreme anxiety and emotional surges during these times. My plea to you is that – why surrender to the unseen forces when so many people have worked their way through insurmountable obstacles and created wonderful success stories for others to emulate. Some of the things which you as a person can begin to work on to overcome this state of helplessness are given below –

Step back and look at the challenge objectively: I have realized that the issue with some of the people with whom i have worked  is that they are too close to the problem and see the challenge as a ogre. All one  need to do is to step back in their  own mind and see the whole issue from a distance. We need to observe the things which we would have never seen before. What this technique does is it gives you an amazing insight about what lies around it  and  helps you figure out ways to deal with it.

Assess your position & Limitation: When faced with life threatening situations in the high altitudes of the mountains, I usually used to step back and assess my own position as well as that of my partners to see things with more clarity. This has become a part of my thinking process in the present and has worked for me wonderfully well. First get a grip on your limitation and then work around it to ensure that you do not get deeper into the hole. Some of Life’s lessons are only learnt the hard way but by cushioning the fall a little bit will do no harm whatsoever is what i have picked up over the years.

Look outside for some insights: Most of the time our ego stops us from looking out for help or answers, I see this more in the men rather than in women, who generally reach out and look for external resources. Therefore it’s a no brain er that “majority of my clients are women”.  Look at external resources like trusted and non judgmental friends who can encourage you by questioning you and challenge your actions and thinking. Be open, humble and most importantly ready to learn and unlearn. It will be painful initially to move out of the comfort zone but these people can help you abandon your thought process and step up. In case you feel you do not have the people around you then work with a “Life coach” who can work with you on these issues.

Work on creating a road map: Working with a coach or a friend will ensure you look at things through an entirely different perspective. I can guarantee you, that you will start looking at approaches you would have never thought of. More importantly I  feel that it helps you to analyze the situation with none of the previous history, baggage or legacy that was weighing you down. This will help you commit to discover the path to success which you might  have missed in the previous narrow sighted approach. This will condition your sub-conscious mind to find the objective path to success that’s worthy of your newly committed time and effort.

Once the shifts begin to happen from the inside, then the magic begins to unfold from the outside. Lasting permanent changes happen when there is a clear path for the brain to follow, which would have been poorly conditioned over the years. As the challenges get bigger, only hard work and perseverance may not be enough. it is the mindset for the long haul which is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Your long term approach and reconditioning, will ultimately help you win in the long run. I  am sure some of you would have already seen the other side, if you have read till now. It is time to take the next step forward and step into the area where you need to thrive. I Would love to hear about, how you might have managed to get unstuck in life by working on any particular strategy in your own life on my Face book page or even on my mail ID