How to not look like a pregnant duck.

What is striking off late is the amounts of fat people are putting in their midsection. I know for a fact that this one area that is most  noticeable more than anything else. When I was asked by a good Old friend some weeks ago as to how he was looking, I had to tell him the truth and that was “he looked like a pregnant duck”. The best option is to not look like one, but if for no reason you are heading in that direction then it is time to pull up your socks and do whatever is required to get rid of it. Most health issues begin from fat getting accumulated in the midsection. The belly is the first body part which starts to accumulate fat. Biology couldn’t care less about our six-pack fantasies for the human body is built to treasure precious calories and our midsections are especially talented at storing the excess ones. Add our genetic predisposition to piling on weight with the modern lifestyle of excessive calories and stress and it’s no wonder a trim midsection eludes most of us! Well fret not, since you do not need carry out a drastic lifestyle change but begin with simple lifestyle changes

Lose weight: The simplest formula is to lose weight, because each one of us has a six pack hiding behind the fat around our midsection. The thumb rule is to get rid of it and presto you can walk around with a six pack. Three things go a long way in defining your midsection – One would be a good exercise regimen, second would be quality food intake and last but not the least would your rest which is critical. Lose weight and your abs will show up quite nicely even if you never do a single sit-up. Generally Men need to maintain about 8-14% body fat; for women it might be a little more though.

Do not focus on Abs crunches: Many of the fittest people on earth – from Navy SEALs to professional athletes – never do a single sit-up and shun crunches. In fact, some military training guides actually discourage isolated abdominal exercises. There are many paths to sleek abs. I personally recommend following a fitness regimen that is comprehensive in nature. While isolated movements can tone individual muscle groups, for true core fitness it’s better to do integrated exercises that strengthen your entire body – with defined abs being the happy side effects.

Remove empty calories from your food intake: Empty calories consist of food which is usually deep fried or sugary drinks. These do not have any nutritional value but just fill up your calorie intake which gets accumulated as fat deposits. Identity these in your daily food habits and avoid them at any cost. White sugar is one of the main culprits and you would be doing yourself a big favor by completely avoiding this. Also ensure you cut back on refined flour & worthless calories from cakes, cookies, pastries, crackers, chips, and white bread.

Eliminate liquid calories: Most of us are aware that soft drinks are loaded with sugar and addictive chemicals which make you blind to the pitfalls of consuming even one drink a day. While it’s commonly accepted that juice is healthy, it is still going to spike your blood sugar. I suggest cutting back and if not avoidable then at times dilute it with lots of ice or water. A real piece of fruit is always a better option. It provides fibre and fills you up; juice just gives you extra calories you don’t really need.

Work on a full body exercise: What I mean by this is, that instead of focusing on only certain parts of your body, focus on the whole body by doing some resistance training, running, swimming or even an outdoor sport. Furthermore a full body exercise program elongates your muscles, lubricates your joints, and releases the pressure that compacts your vertebral column. This should be a magical formula for people with lower back issues due to excessive sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. The best thing you can do for yourself and your body is to hit the gym 3-4 times a week. Work on strength training is something you will not regret as you become old because your muscles and bones will get stronger as you age.

Manage stress: All of us do know how stress plays havoc with us. The worst thing it does is, to make your metabolism sluggish. I come across far too many people with high stress levels. Bottom line: reduce stress! It’s so important to find a way to reduce and manage any stress in your life. However you choose to handle stress, don’t ignore this aspect of weight management and health which according to me is the most valuable asset to an individual.

As I am typing this I happen to notice Barrack Obama is reading out his victory speech. I can’t ignore the fact how fit he looks, especially with a flat mid section. If the President of the United States of America makes time for his fitness and ensures he spends some time in the gym every week, what excuse can you give for not investing in your health for a brighter tomorrow? I hope this Blog does spur some of you to work towards having a flat midsection and in turn an overall healthy body and mind. If you do agree with my thoughts and feel connected, do not forget to leave a line or comment on my Face book Fan Page or my mail Id