How to overcome Negative thoughts and Actions

Have you been struggling with managing your Negative thoughts and Actions lately? Well worry not,Negative thoughts are normal and most of us, at some point of time, tend to have it. some of us are more conditioned to think Negatively and eventually follow up with a negative action,which over a period of time does become a habit.

Usually my clients, friends & Acquaintances ask me about how to overcome being negative. As always there is no one size fits all approach but a series of them which I will try and decipher in the next few paragraphs.

 It is perfectly normal to have negative thoughts: Well as humans we are bound to have negative thoughts in our mind more often than not, but the real crux is when we have it rather frequently and a pattern begins to set in. So my thoughts on this are, that it is absolutely normal to have negative thoughts and actions to a certain extent. If you are aware of this then this is the biggest step you are taking towards working on it.

I have had my clients realize that they were negative in a particular incident  and could have managed to be a lot more positive. Once you do accept that it is normal, then it is that much easier to move on to the next step.

 You do not have to believe your negative thoughts: I had worked with a particular client, couple of years ago who was extremely negative towards her own immediate family. When during the Coaching call, I asked her as to why she had to believe her negative thoughts, she was flabbergasted.Couple of days later she reached out to me and did convey that, she had stopped believing her negative thoughts and now there was a lot more clarity in her outlook with  her family.

She did feel that an invisible wall had come down which was what probably, making her turn towards being more negative.Over the years I have always asked my clients as to what makes them believe their negative thoughts, thereby fueling them in the long run. So the best option which is very much in your absolute control is to stop believing your negative thoughts.

 Replace your negative with positive thoughts: One of the most effective ways to deal with negative thoughts & actions is to replace it with an empowering positive thought or action. We know that a human mind can either have a positive or a negative thought at any point of time.Therefore you are in the driver’s seat with all the control at your disposal to ensure which one is present.

Another important thing one can do is to, figure out from where the negative thought is originating. By doing some introspection or Analyzing the whole incident, you are sure to figure out how and why this is triggered. The next time this thought is triggered, you are ready to deal with it. By being prepared, half the job is done and to reinforce it, as an empowering habit the ritual mentioned below is what needs to be followed.

Visualize yourself being absolutely positive: We might do most of the things right at the conscious level. However if the operating system is not changed, then it is just a matter of time before you go back to your original habit which has been conditioned over the years.

what eventually makes the difference is to see yourself overcoming the negative habits and doing the positive action day in and day out. Remember for any new habit to set in, it takes at the least 3 weeks. Therefore it is a step by step approach by which one can a replace couple of negative habits or for some even a bunch of them.See what suits you & begin accordingly.

 What I have seen & observed over the years by working with people is that once they begin to take some positive steps in terms of those mentioned above, the issues around them will begin to disappear and the mind will work towards being more positive and forthcoming.

Negativity is all around us & unfortunately, it is becoming more prominent in our day to day life. Over the years I have stopped myself getting exposed to negative people, media or even environment and this has made a huge difference in my own life. We are eventually what we are exposed to day in and day out. Therefore the choice is yours, to move away from negativity or succumb to it, just like so many of them who drown in its murky water, never to rise again.

I would love to know how much an impact, has negativity or a negative person done to you and how you have managed to overcome it. As usual do take some time to share your experiences on my Face book Fan page or at my mail Id I   will look forward to hear from you.