How to overcome some of the biggest excuses for being unfit

The biggest factor one needs to overcome when it comes to developing a fitness regimen is excuses. I have had more than one excuse for not taking some time out for being fit and the sad part is that when I look back, I began to believe it and eventually live it out.

When I look at friends, acquaintances and also some of my clients who have many reasons for not stepping up, I can’t but stop chuckling and remember my own story. Somewhere down the line I realised that I was putting things off, because I didn’t have the time, energy and at times too many social commitments. Off late I hear even more absurd reasons from people for not being committed to exercise. What is different now, is that I have reconditioned myself to do away with all the excuses and found ways to embrace the joys of a fit and a healthy life. I realize that the excuses were just meaningless and insignificant. Lets us look at some of the biggest excuses most common amongst those, who want to get on the wellness road and how we can try to work through them.

I don’t have the time: This is so far the most common excuse I come across which I was guilty of too. Work on giving yourself just about ten minutes every day for the first week to do something as small as, just a small walk round the cubicle or an extra floor climb to the rest rooms at your workplace or your house. Taking out just ten minutes is not a huge task in your busy schedule. If you cannot then it is time to seriously rethink about your priorities. If you cannot go for a small walk do what suits you, other than just sitting on your backside. Any movements will help you gain momentum. Start with ten minutes of an easy exercise and once you’ve learned to fit this into your day, you can expand it to 15 -20 minutes on any given day through the week.

I am too tired:  When you work out regularly, I can guarantee you that you will feel energized and be rearing to go. Most of the time now when I step in to the gym or the pool, I have a dull feeling due to long hours of work(Yes, Coaching is also taxing) but once I begin to work on, doing some kind of exercise the endorphin’s kicks in and nothing can come close to the feel good factor one gets post a good work out.I have walked out so many a times out of the Gym an absolutely transformed different person.

I am not good at it:  This is a genuine fear amongst many including myself at one time. What I did with a recent client of mine was to make her work out in the privacy of her own house and step in a regular gym when she had overcome her fear of looking stupid. Remember no one was an expert when they began. It is only by repeatedly doing the things day in and out, one can became good at it. See what works for you. If you do have a friend or even a trainer who can work with you for some time, take their help initially. Most of them will be glad to help you, if you do approach them. However you need to approach them first by overcoming the fear in your own mind.

I do not know how: Of all the excuses I have seen, this according to me is quite a legitimate one. I always end up asking anyone who stops himself/herself from working out because they do not know how, as to what stops them from gathering information about it. With technology at our fingertips it is so easy to ensure we are loaded with information on running, swimming or even lifting weights. If you can even gather some information on the area of your interest, just start and educate yourself as you go ahead. Sometimes going to a place where you will see people practicing and talking to them, will help in a great way. The idea is to absorb some information prior to hitting the ground.

Motivation is all around us. Change your mind set by looking at people around you who are doing something amazing, showing what is actually possible and eventually making you realize that moving one’s body can be fun and exhilarating. You can be someone who ends up coming up with an excuse for everything or move into inculcating an empowering habit and be an inspiration for people around you. I hope you could relate to my thoughts and would love to see some of your comments on my Facebook Fan Page  or mail me on