How to overcome Workout Laziness?

When it comes to regular exercise, people do  come up with excuses and more excuses. What if I could tell you that I was in the same boat a couple of years ago, but managed to overcome this by making small shifts in the way I looked at exercise. I have never looked back since.

What I hear from people I interact with is, that lack of time and motivation are the main reasons for not developing a regular exercise regimen.

Well the first one which involves time is something none of us can do much about and better time management is what is needed here.. However when it comes to motivation, there are some  things that I have done over the years which will help one overcome your own  workout laziness.

Pick what works for you and i’m am sure, you will be talking about doing some kind of  regular exercise before the day ends.

Embrace the Long term benefits: Envision the bigger picture and see the difference being healthy, will do to you and your family. That alone  should inspire you to go outside and exercise. There is more than enough research done which suggests that regular exercise is a long term investment and will always yield rich dividends, when one does get old, irrespective of your past history and DNA makeup.

By looking at the long term benefits, I have seen many of my own clients, move out of their comfort zone and begin some kind of exercise. Remember exercise means not  just going for a run or to the gym, but being more active and on the feet for most of the time.

Set realistic goals: Inspiration will come from setting realistic goals and working towards it on a regular basis. This will happen by keeping one’s objectives practical and realising that knocking off 10Kgs or a few inches will not happen overnight. It will have to be done, with persistent effort.

When I begin working with a Client as their Wellness Coach, I always look at making small changes knowing that, the mind will not revolt against small and gradual changes over a period of time. Over the years I have personally worked on small, attainable and performance oriented goals which are very specific to my own ability.

Since this has proved a winner over a period of time to me, I do the same with my own clients by raising the bar every other week to move them gradually out of their comfort zone.

Take your workout outside:  I personally love working out and never miss an opportunity to do some kind of exercise” outdoor” couple of times a week. I advocate this to anybody who needs some kind of inspiration to inculcate an exercise regimen, because all of us connect with nature in some way or the other.

It plays a critical role on our emotions and energy levels. Even a walk in the park, couple of times a week will keep the juices flowing and bring in a sense of variety in our life.

Update your playlist: Music is something which can do wonders to a person’s frame of mind.The easiest thing to keep up the tempo is to make time, to collect your favourite music and listen to it while you are working out. By doing this, you can reduce the perception of effort and increase endurance by a few notches.

You won’t feel like you’re working as much—meaning you’ll go longer and harder. There are so many days in the gym when I have worked on some giant sets, while my favourite songs are played in the background.

Talk about your workout & find a partner: Involving your friends and family in your workout journey, does play a big role @ the physiological level. The first changes are usually noticed by your inner circle of family & friends and the positive feedback from all of them, will ensure you do not go off track.

I have also noticed that some people just go to the gym to avoid the sarcastic remarks. Being vocal about your exercise habit will make one, more Accountable which will play a big role in the long run. The Same thing works by working out with a partner, be it your office buddy or your best friend.

It will work as a push- pull strategy and if you are smart enough, you can ensure this helps you stay focused on your workouts.

Workout Laziness is something which bites each one of us in our own journey. Well some of us get bitten and move on but some do succumb. Some of the things I have mentioned above have worked for me magically, as well for my own clients over the years.

I do not see any reason as to why it cannot work for you, if you sincerely follow it. As usual I would love to hear from you on my Face book Fan Page  or at my mail Id on my thoughts above.