How to plan for a doable exercise regimen

Most of the people i interact nowadays who is in pretty poor physical fitness level has got the Only excuse other than lack of time  is that they are not able to plan and implement a doable exercise regimen be it running /swimming/lifting weights or any physical activity under the sun.So i figured out that let me share some inside secrets of how to ensure you walk on the road of disclipline towards a fitter you.which i have walked through
Start with small goals:
Most important thing would be to start with a small doable goal in mind at the beginning of the journey,say by example someone decides to run then he/she would like to probably do about a km or two of walking or running according to their  fitness condition at the initial stage .Even investing 20-30 minutes of your time in physical activity will take us a long way inculcating  the habit.Even a small commitment from your side in being fitter will put you in the 20-30 percentage of enlightened people who value health and ensure they work toward it.So it is a big achievement nevertheless.
Begin with the end in mind:
This is a crucial part of planning which most of the new bees will miss out.Its like the saying “the road to nowhere will lead to somewhere.So it is very important that one knows what one is aiming to achieve it might be loosing 10-15 kg or reducing the waistline by 3-5 inches,or even just to be fit(which is too general).The more a goal is specific the chances of reaching it is that much more.So do put a realistic goal in place and go one step further by visualising yourself being that 2-3 months from now.
Make it pleasurable:
Any exercise regime needs to be made into a activity where one looks forward to it 5-6 days a week.So make it more pleasurable by listening to your favourite music or better some Audio books which would also exercise your mind along with your muscles.I would like  each one of you to be more creative and come out with your own unique way of making this activity  more pleasurable.If your mind looks at daily exercise as a pleasure activity and not a painful activity i would guarantee you that within no time this would become a habit.I always pictured myself hitting the gym in a positive way and whatever my energy level was at the time of entering the gym it  would magically be five folds when i start my exercises.
Maintain a clean diet:
Exercise and diet  are the two face of the same coin and each one would compliment the other.So working on your diet is paramount to one reaching his/her fitness goals.To make it more simple ensure you reduce eating out regularly and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet which would help you in consuming more fibre which is critical in loosing weight.I would suggest to eat mostly home cooked food and if that is not an option do stick on to simple foods which is oil free and baked(options are many if you consciously search for it).Another important factor along with diet is drinking enough water especially summer round the corner.Ensure you consume at least 2-3 Lt’s of clean water in between the meals to reduce any hunger pangs.
Plan your work out schedule:
For most of the people who tend to get busy in the evenings try to fit in a session early in the morning so that however the day goes by rest assured you would not miss out on the workout and feel guilty.Some time i see people waiting for their cabs/buses for 15-20 minutes standing idle and chatting up.If they can be innovative and start walking around then they would have accumulated on an average of 75-90 minutes of physical activity in a week(this is been creative).In times of high stress lifestyle and increase in lifestyle related disease every minute of physical activity is precious and i would urge each one of you to become a leader and come out with your unique way of exercising.
Ensure you pass the 30 day challenge.Usually if a habit is followed for 30 days then probability of it becoming a habit is extremely more.So i would urge you to start investing some precious time of yours into some kind of physical activity and it is never too late for anybody to start being fit.Be it a teenager or a grand old man/women of 80 years only thing to remember is to be practical and reasonable.Even if you fail at times do not give up and remember the saying from the great Confucius
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.