How To Redesign Your Life

Are you frustrated with your current life situation? Do you feel dissatisfied with your lifestyle?

If yes, you’re not alone. In the last few years, I have worked with many people just like you. They came to me because they were:

  • Dissatisfied with their lifestyle
  • Not able to achieve their goals
  • Struggling to stay motivated
  • And so on

I worked with many of them and helped each one of them  redesign their life.

Almost all my blog posts are about the systems I used to help redesign their lives and how you can use the same to achieve the goals you have.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re someone:

  • Looking to quit your job and start your own business
  • Improve the performance of your organization
  • Change your eating and fitness habits
  • Or anything else

Redesigning your life and creating the one that you truly feel passionate about requires two things:

  • Planning
  • Consistency

You need to have an effective plan that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. And then you have to consistently execute on your plan on a day to day basis.

It doesn’t help if you work on the plan 3 times a week and then forget about it the remaining 4 days.

You have to do something every day that will take you in the direction of your goals.

At the same time, you also have to look at internal blocks that might prevent you from making the changes you want.

For many people, there are many unconscious, hidden thoughts and behavioral patterns that cause them to fail over and over again.

Here’s an example…

Person X wants to lose weight and makes a strict resolution about it. She tells herself that Y food is the primary cause of her failures and she is willing to give up on Y food completely.

A few days passes and the Y food is presented to her at the office. She resists for a while and then tells herself, “its ok. I’ll just eat a bite” and takes the bite.

Within a few hours, she’s feeling guilty about herself and starts binging on all kinds of junk food and forgets about her goal and resolution all together.

That’s the story with almost every one of us.

We take up something i.e. a goal that we want to achieve and start working on it. But in due course, we are thrown off track by something or the other that steals our attention.

We engage in that, forget about our goal and then wonder why we aren’t making progress.

That’s how these internal blocks work. I’ve personally identified 5 internal blocks that prevent people from making progress. They are:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of uncertainty
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of moving out of the comfort zone
  • Not knowing how.

It’s not impossible to break these blocks. It’s possible… but they can deter progress on our goals significantly. Just being aware of them can help you overcome them and stay focused on your goals.

With that said, here are 4 keys to keep in mind when redesigning your life…

Find Your Purpose:

If you seriously want to change your life and get what you really want, you need to know your WHY. The WHY is your purpose that makes you get out of your comfort zone and push harder.

You need to review your purpose regularly and keep it at the forefront of your thoughts.

If you don’t have a clear sense of purpose right now, I encourage you to answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to look back on at the end of your life?
  • What is it that you can achieve which might make your life feel significant?

If you don’t have an answer to these questions, I strongly recommend that you take some time out and dwell on them to find the answer.

Block Out Time To Align Yourself:

This is something I strongly advise each one of my clients to follow…

To block out 10 – 15 minutes of time every day to study their goals, purpose and plans to align themselves to their goals.

Why is this important? Because this will help you focus and ensure that you don’t get caught by other things.

Don’t tell me that you don’t have even 10 – 15 minutes to spare. Think about how much time you spend on social media or engaging in smaller activities that aren’t important.

Push those back and do this. It’s really important for you if you seriously want to achieve your goals.

Be Accountable:

Many people function better when they’re accountable to someone or something.

If you are a self-propelled person, you will hold yourself accountable. But some people might need friends, family or a professional coach to keep them accountable.

Pick an accountability partner and work with them closely on your goals. It doesn’t matter who it is – as long as they don’t let you drift away.

Focus On One Small Step At A Time:

In order to bring about a drastic change in your personal or professional life, you must focus on one small step at a time. You need to learn the art of patience.

Otherwise, you’ll feel overwhelmed and get burned out too soon.

Ask yourself the following question:

  • What is the one thing that I can do on a daily basis (or today) that takes less than 30 minutes that will help me achieve this goal?

And then start working on that one thing on a daily basis.

That’s it. Take the small step and begin. Movement begets movement.

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