How to stay on the lasting road of Wellness

This is for those of you who have reached the pinnacle of your goals, say a healthy body weight ratio, toned body or even running a marathon. What do you do after you accomplish success? Does time suddenly come to a halt once you reach your goal or is there more to the bigger picture?Sometime Life is a full circle right,you tend to come back to where you began your journey.

 When people get to know me as a Life & Wellness Coach, they reach out to me and en-quire whether I can help them turn around their biggest health challenges. I always tell them that being healthy is an ongoing effort requiring daily thoughts, positive decisions and most importantly actions to continually propel you toward overall wellness. With focus and persistence I know some of the biggest health challenges can and have been overcome. What I communicate when I interact with people is – I exercise regularly not because I am focused on losing weight or preventing myself from illness but because it improves my overall quality of life for now and in the future. This empowers me and makes me do it on a daily basis, naturally. What I advocate to everybody is that when they plan to get on the wellness road is not to look at a healthy behavior as a short terms means to get immediate results but to embrace healthy habits as a part of their daily routine which does not get influenced through any external sources. Given below is the how I have conditioned myself to be on the Long road to wellness –

 Do at least one thing for your health every day: Even though I have mentioned in my previous Blogs that I usually split my own workouts in the morning and evening, there will be many days where I cannot do both on an ongoing basis. There are many days where I miss my morning yoga but I always make it a point to do something in the evenings, be it a good swim, run or even lifting some weights. What this does according to me is that there will be a continuity factor which once developed will eventually become a part of your own system.

Accept yourself as you are right now-you are beautiful: There is magic in acceptance and it is no difference in the health challenge you are working on. It is prudent that one develops self love and realise that the journey of lasting road to wellness is a long road. It is something which needs to become as natural as one’s breathing. Begin to accept the present state, aspire for bigger things and visualize yourself doing the things you always wanted to do. I have noticed this in my own journey and there is a big transformation in an individual’s perception when they begin to accept themselves and acknowledge that each one of us is unique and beautiful in our own unique way.

Surround yourself with positive people who make you feel healthy: I am a big believer of being influenced through our environment and it is always the people we are surrounded with, most of the time who make us what we are. If you spend most of the time amongst people who do not take care of themselves physically and emotionally then I can guarantee you that in no time you will be walking their talk. Work towards being a part of a group or forum where people are passionate about being healthy and share the same goals as you. This plays an important role for me  in ensuring I myself am focused on my own wellness and helps me realign my goals as and when required.

Work on setting up milestone: It is very important that you aspire for something when you are on a long journey. This is like how we are convinced that we are in the right direction when we see the milestone on the highway. It is important that we set our own milestones and reward ourselves when we reach there. For me running a marathon was a big achievement a couple of years ago and I ensured that I was rewarded to motivate me to get on to the next milestone in my own journey. I work on setting up my own milestones every now and then to ensure i do not run out of steam.

 Ultimately if someone is in great physical shape or if you feel that you are yet to overcome your biggest health challenge – making Wellness an ongoing journey and priority will benefit all areas of your life and positively affect you and the people around you. It will also ensure you set a great foundation to influence and motivate others which is what I am so happy about doing every day of my own life. I am sure you would someday want to make Wellness your permanent partner and ensure it is long lasting for you. Do reach out to me on Face book Page or to reach out to me in case you agree or even disagree on my thoughts above. I will be glad to reach out to you in any way I can to help you build your own highway to wellness.