How to work towards a Calmer you

Being calm is not something with which all of us are bestowed but something each one of us can work towards and eventually master. Haven’t you wished many a time that a calmer response or reaction could have altered the course of the situation completely?

Being calmer not only helps you to rationalise your thoughts but also makes you stand out amongst the lesser mortals who lose their cool at the drop of a hat.

Some things which each one of you can do to definitely improve on the calmer barometer is what I have addressed below –

Kiss and makeup before you sleep: Most of us tend to carry our anger, resentment with us when we go to sleep and inadvertently feed our sub conscious mind. A simple few kind words to thyself or to the other person will help you to calm down a few notches and earn some brownie points in the sleep department.

This is the most critical thing one can do consciously to work on being calmer since the maximum time the sub conscious mind has got to work is when you go to sleep.You would not want to feed it trash before it begins to process the maximum right?

Irrespective of how your day or evening has ended,ensure you do spend the last ten minutes focusing on empowering thoughts, through the approach of meditation & visualization which I have touched upon couple of months back through my Blog articles.

Stop Multi tasking: With more technology at our disposal, multitasking has become bane of urbanisation. Recent research has time and again proven that the Multitasking road is riddled with errors and it maximises the stress level, which eventually wreaks havoc on your calmer Quotient.

Even though some are good at multitasking,it is humanly impossible to be doing a couple of things at the same time and expect lady luck to be at your side all the time. Pick on one or two most important tasks and get to the next task once you finish the previous one.

This is the thumb rule I have been following from past couple of years & can’t say enough of it’s amazing  effects.

Take regular time outs: This is something which I have been doing consistently over a period of time. The Human brain cannot focus on something all the time and it will stress you out, when you do push the envelope.

Work on a 75-90 minute time-frame and regularly take a breather like walking up to somebody or even to the farthest of the wash room. What this does is similar to how one is advised to look at the farthest object every couple of minutes if you are focusing on something intensely.

Your heart also will thank you if you can manage to do this a couple of times in a day and before you realise it you would have accumulated some decent exercise too.

Eat more fruits & vegetables: Over the years whilst working with some extremely stressed out individuals I have seen a magical transformation in their stress level due to they following this one habit which will play a critical role in calming your nerves.

The concoction of feel good hormones and fibre will help you along with the shifts mentioned above  which begin to happen at the sub conscious level.

When you practise the above simple steps, you will notice the positive shifts happening like I have seen with many of my clients over the years.For those of you who are reading my Blog for the first time I am a big advocate of keeping it simple and uncomplicated.

These action steps mentioned above will work magically like it has with so many of my own clients over the last couple of years.See what suits you and begin the journey with a first few steps in the right direction & in no time you will be accelerating towards your vision of a calmer you

Working towards being calmer is not something which you are doing for yourself but also for the people around you with whom you spend so much time & work for.

I am sure you will have some more strategies worked out over the years which have helped you work towards becoming calmer. I would love to hear this on my email  or on my Face book fan page.