Here Is How To Improve Your Personal Growth By 5X Times With These 5 Proven Techniques.

Your eyes will often only see what you want to see, and your ears will only hear what you want to hear. This is something which has been known for thousands of years. However, what I am about to share with you in this blog is that you can work on conditioning your mind to work on your inside which will eventually influence your outside world.

Once you begin to change your assumptions and beliefs then you will begin to see and hear a whole lot of opportunities which otherwise would have been in your blind side. Surprised? Read on and you will be more surprised with what I am about to share going forward.

If anything, you would like to change from this moment, I am sure it will have to be your personal growth. Once you begin to grow personally only then you can begin to influence the people around you and eventually make everyone around you see the bigger vision of your organization, business or even life.

So, what do you think stops each one of us in growing personally? Working with people for more than two decades has convinced me that

1. Our personal growth is our own responsibility, and nothing external can derail it.

2. Confidence is not a byproduct of success. On the contrary the reverse is true.

3. We get in life what we inherently feel deep down – what we deserve in life.

4. Our external behaviors do reflect our internal belief system

Now knowing this, it is important to work on maximizing your personal growth by working on the proven strategies highlighted below which has worked like a charm with each one of my clients.

Develop A Growth Mindset

Working towards developing a growth mindset is not rocket science and knowing that the brain is just like any muscle in terms of strengthening and retraining it helps to begin this journey. Once you begin to walk in this direction of personal growth you will gain traction and momentum and by just moving forward you have begun the incredible journey of developing a growth mindset.

Once I begin to work with my clients, I help them identify the most important areas they would like to focus in their growth. Once you are clear as to which direction you would like to go, then it is just a game of moving in this direction with a purpose.

Our brain is wired in such a way that when you begin to do something on a consistent basis you will in a short span (usually in about 21 days) of time begin to work on an auto pilot mode and that is what the growth mindset is all about. You do the right things enough on a consistent basis. You will begin to believe more in your own capability and stop limiting yourself. Working on a plan and a clear timeline will redefine you and is guaranteed to reshape your destiny.

Learn With A Purpose

If you are looking for some incredible personal growth, then you must give yourself the permission to learn and unlearn. Some of the most successful people who we look upto are also the best learners themselves. They always look at opportunities to learn new things or new ways of doing things. You can also begin to learn just like them by

1.Creating some time every day for learning no matter how packed your schedule is

2.Creating powerful habits and rituals to maximize your learning.

3.Applying what you learn on a consistent basis even if it moves you out of the comfort zone.

4.Teaching others what you learn. You learn big when you teach others by the way.

Our brain is an incredible organ. You can work on just about anything once you believe in it and your thoughts, actions and even your words begin to change to lead you in the direction of your growth. So, work on learning with a purpose.

Once the purpose is crystal clear then you will be amazed as to how things around you will suddenly begin to fall in place. I have had clients who signed up for my Introductory Coaching Session and just in a couple of days began to do the things which they were struggling to do in decades. The only change I made them do is to learn with a purpose and clarity , being Accountable to me and eventually to themselves.

Everything Does Happen Twice In This World

Yes, you did read the words right. Most of my clients and participants in my Leadership Intervention are more than surprised when I do say these words. I am used to seeing expressions of confusion to disbelief.

Hear me out “Before anything has happened in the world it was first conceived in the mind and only then it does happen in the real world. So, if you are looking at becoming the most productive person, healthy individual or the youngest CEO of a company then you need to create this in the mind first.

Once you clearly define as to what you want to become or where you would like to progress in your personal or professional life, then you can begin to move in that direction. Do not worry if you still do not have a clue as to how to get to your vision.

Most of the people do not have a clue when they begin their journey. Even I did not have a clue when I began my own journey of becoming an Executive Coach and working with some of the most successful executives across the globe. I knew one thing that I wanted to move out of the corporate world and never ever have to work for someone else.

This was close to a decade ago mind you and I am typing these words and reliving those thoughts when I did create my own vision in the mind. Once you know what exactly you would want in your life in terms of being productive or successful then it’s just a matter of time before it all begins to happen.

Consistency Is The Mother Of Success

Being consistent is one of the most common traits of successful people. The only way you can begin to work on being consistent is by working on your Subconscious mind which is THE area to work on your biggest change.

Most people work only in the conscious level. Hence, they give up easily or are not motivated enough to pursue their dreams or vision. I always suggest two best times to work at the subconscious level. First thing in the morning and then just before going to sleep in the night.

How you begin and end your day will eventually go a long way in you being productive on a consistent basis. When you begin your day on a positive note and with a purpose, your whole day will pan out the same way.

Same thing does go by working on your goals and vision in the evening just before retiring. You are giving yourself at least 5-6 hours for the subconscious mind to work on your biggest goals. This is gold and you will wake up with some brilliant ideas and solutions to your biggest challenges/tasks.

Working on being consistent is also something which was the most common of the traits some of the most successful C level people did share with me during my research for my upcoming book High Performance Alchemy . Most of them did a few tasks irrespective of how their schedule was and stuck to it every day. Some of them were

1.      Practicing meditation first thing in the morning and just before retiring for the night.

2.      Exercising for atleast 40 -50 minutes to prime themselves up before they set out for the day

3.      Working on their biggest thoughts/challenges in solitude for at least 20-30 minutes

4.      Spending some quality time with family

5.      Having a healthy breakfast within 2 hours of waking up.

This blog throws more light on the need for consistency in our daily life.

Success Does Leave Clues

One of the most important things people miss out is to model their own success journey by having a reference. Remember whatever you are planning to become today, tomorrow or in the next 10 years, someone before you would have walked the journey of being consistent, hardworking, motivated, innovative etc.…. They will be more than happy to share their own success secrets and the only thing you might want to do is to seek for the knowledge.

Once you become a student of life then you will always look out for success clues in people, books, movies and just about everything else.

I have been a keen student of life since many decades and this is one of the prime reasons I do spend some quality time in the midst of nature. For me nature has always been my greatest teacher. Over the years I have been visiting and revisiting places which does bring out the best in me.

I have also met some incredible people in my journey who have shared some invaluable life lessons which has become my own foundation of my life. You can read my own experiences in this blog article of mine.

Every person out there who is super successful and extraordinary have become that by following a set of rules and processes. You just need to get to know them and learn those and do it better than them once you master those learnings.

Do not worry if you are living a secluded life. There are more than enough books and social media channels which does help you to connect with the person whom you would want to emulate. Once you give yourself the permission to become a student of life then, one thing I will guarantee you is that you will stop giving excuses.

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Satish Rao is an Author, Speaker & Life Coach. He does Facilitate Leadership Interventions for teams across the globe.