Is it time to Re-design your Life?

Has your life’s journey been more than perfect? Well, there is always an area where each one of you would be struggling to focus on and make it just about perfect. This is exactly the area that I work on as a life coach when my clients realize that they are not going in the direction they need to.

Over the years, working with some of the most inspiring people has made me aware that most people who want to be super successful in any area of their life are not inconsistent or lazy. On the contrary they did most of the things right, but somehow this works wonderfully for a short term approach but falters badly in the long term. However working on life altering goals takes a different approach to a long term lifestyle change and this is exactly what I am going to explain in the next few paragraphs –

Ask compelling questions: When you ask yourself some compelling questions, I shall guarantee you that your mind begins to move into the introspection mode. As a Life Coach, I have developed the skill of asking some of the most compelling questions which surprisingly results in helping move the mind in the direction of your biggest quest.

Most of the time the Why, what and when questions results in helping my clients remove their own mental cobwebs.What this does  to an individual is to, change his/her vision on what exactly they do want.Asking compelling question is an art which one needs to practice more to master it.As a full time professional Life Coach it is sacramental.

Clear the clutter: When people reach out to me, I have realized is that they have far too much clutter in their heads about exactly what they want. How can the mind function, when there are so many distractions? I am a big believer that when you remove unwanted thoughts in your mind, then you are making space for new thoughts to come in. Usually in my own experience  the first step works wonderfully in helping you build a great foundation in clearing the clutter.

Do not try to eat the whale whole: Most of us do know the logic of biting more than we can chew, but when it comes to working on our own direction I see that most of them do  tend to take on more than they  can chew, which over a period of time becomes insurmountable. This is the exact reason I work with my clients for not less than 12 weeks.

Since by taking small steps you are biting small chunks of the whale as you move forward.What this does is that, it makes one feed on small successes and helps one stay motivated to sustain life’s unpredictable jabs.However I am extra careful not to use this Analogy with Clients who come to me to work on losing weight in particular.

Be patient & enjoy the journey: Patience pays in more than one area for all of us. Work on developing patience to continue the journey irrespective of initial failures and slip ups.I have worked with so many of my own clients  who would have definitely given up, if not for the simple reason that they had a coach who is Non judgmental and a guiding force. Being Accountable, makes all the difference in each and it is no different in this aspect.One of the top reasons working with a Life Coach is so effective is because of being Accountable.

For any change to happen, there has to be a fun element and our sub conscious thrives when you begin to enjoy the journey. Make every day as an opportunity to unlearn and learn new things. The biggest Life altering shifts I have noticed, over the years with people I work with closely as their Personal Coach  is when our mind accepts this and almost goes on to an auto mode.

Some of my own clients have seen some incredible insights and direction when they have began to work on their biggest Life altering goals with me. I do not see any reason as to why you cannot get the same results,if not more if you follow some of these strategies developed over the years working as a Life & Wellness Coach.

I would be excited to know if some of you can pick some positives from this article and work on your biggest goals, be it in your professional or personal life.

I would like to hear from you on your thoughts about what I have discussed & if you have developed something better on my Face book Fan page or at my mail ID