Is Your Job Pushing You Over The Edge? Then 7 Signs To Look Out For

High paying job with all the perks does come with its own set of challenges, which more often than not derails a high performing executive.

You might be someone who is scampering towards the corner office or an Entrepreneur who is looking towards building the next Flipkart or Amazon. The challenges are the same.

If you do not know how to navigate yourself through any or all of these 7 challenges you are doing yourself no favor.

Every day is a Monday:  

It’s been more than a decade since I have been waking up with a purpose and determination. The reason is simple –  I do not see the work I do right now as a job anymore. It’s a passion which drives me now.

However it was not the same when I was a high flying corporate executive just like you.

I used to dread Mondays and get stressed over the weekend just thinking of the work being piled up through the weekend.

If you are someone who is constantly stressed in relation to your thoughts about work, then it’s high time you take a step back and do take a re-look.

Your Work Schedule is chaotic:  

You do not need to compromise on yourselves just because the organization goals are demanding. I do come across many people who push themselves so hard Physically & Emotionally that they are just about at a breaking point when they come to me.

When you work towards your career or business with a myopic vision, then this is exactly what does happen. You have to be Assertive to give yourself more importance and create more of “Me Time” for yourself.

Your Office Commute Is a Nightmare:  

If you are someone who needs to step out to work in any of the major cities in India, then you can relate to what I am talking about. Remember if you are getting stressed during your office commute regularly, then you like most of the people I do work with need to do some rework keeping this area in mind.

You need to take control of the situation which rather than flow like a driftwood. The reason I am highlighting this is because the crippling effect of office commute begins well before and lasts long after your workday ends.

You are reactive to Medical Issues:  

I am actually surprised that people take care more of their automobiles and diligently leave it for periodic service. However when it comes to their health, it’s only when they fall sick or come close to it.

Most of the Executives or Entrepreneurs get into a habit of neglecting their health in favor of the business, career or job. Are you someone who can relate to this?

Well remember it’s our health which will eventually make or break us.

Everything else can be learnt and acquired. When your health fails you then there is not much anybody can do. Be proactive and schedule regular visit to your doctor to be more responsible.

You endure disrespectful treatment:  

Being treated disrespectfully is the number one challenge  which I do come across  with many Senior executives & Entrepreneurs. Most of them endure this ordeal, assuming that it’s part of the package.

However, you cannot be more wrong than this.

The Emotional stress one does undergo can hit you where it hurts and the effects can be crippling & long lasting. Do what it does take in your control to get this sorted out. For this you have to walk out of your comfort zone to take some bold steps.

Negativity is contagious:  

If you are in the midst of a low morale work environment then it’s just a matter of time before you become an active member. Just being surrounded by a group of constant complainers is sure to trigger the cortisols in your system.

Sometime when we can’t change the system the best option is to jump ship. There is no better step you can take for yourself than look out for greener pastures.

Believe me there is always a better option. You just need to look through the “clouded vision” to see through. That’s it.

Everything an Emergency is just a Mindset: 

When everything has to happen “ASAP” then in my opinion it is more about a result of disorganized business leaders and coworkers. With Multitasking given more importance now, I do see this attitude causing more Executives to burn out.

The only person who can bring in some sanity in the work culture is you and taking ownership and being more “Assertive” is where it all begins.

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Yes I want To Gain Control Of This Situation

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