It is time to face your fears

Are you always chained to your fears which stop you from making the biggest changes in your life?

Well … fret not because you are not alone. Having worked with people in helping them overcome some of their biggest fears, be it personal or professional I have given below how each one of  you can face up and also overcome your fears.

Fear is nothing but a state of mind and each one of us has the power to magnify it or make it insignificant. I will guarantee you that the images of your biggest fears are most of the time huge and menacing in the minds eye.

As a Life Coach, I work with people in reducing the intensity of this image & helping people like you, flip the fear mindset to carry out actionable things on the ground.

To begin with, there is a process which I follow when I work with people in helping them overcome some of their biggest fears and it is no different when it comes to my writings.

Some of the things I have noticed & learnt  over the years where I feel one can begin are –

Stop hiding from the outside world:

Most of the time, people learn to work around the fear factor by hiding from reality. Somewhere they find comfort in not facing the reality and pretend to live under an illusion. 

I was guilty of doing the same and began to take some massive decisions to overcome this; I discovered so many hidden dreams in myself that I had buried deep inside a blanket of satisfaction and comfort.

Once you do begin to reduce the insulation, then it will help you come out into the open and face up to the fears.

Embrace the fears:

Embracing the fears will not make them disappear. On the contrary it will help you create an opportunity and help you to move in the direction of your dreams.

When I began coaching people, I had to embrace my own fears of working with people’s lives and facilitate them to take some of the biggest life-altering decisions. Now, when you work with a client day in and day out in helping them take decisions “which can make them or break them” one cannot afford to be fearful.

Once you walk towards the fears, I have seen some of the biggest fears crumble like a pack of cards & I challenge each one of you to do the same.

Embracing your fear is so much more effective than fighting it. Fighting will drain your energy while accepting your fear and still pursuing your path will increase your energy. This particular learning did take me years to develop and put it as words for all of you.

Listen to your gut:

Do you know that the strongest and most powerful of all our instincts is our gut feeling, according to latest research reports? Well, one of the reasons is that it is the closest to the nervous system and is the congregation of all the nerves from different parts of the body. Massive changes began to unfold in my own life when I went with my own gut feeling.

As with all the things, begin small and in no time if you are conscious about your gut feeling, you will become good at it. Working everyday in strengthening your own gut feeling is a priceless investment you can do in the long run.

Replace the words:

Are you aware that the kind of words you use makes your nervous system react in a particular way? Well, all the affirmations and belief statements work on this principal. Work on using more empowering words in your everyday life and in no time you will be living it.

We are all the time in conversation with our own nervous system, through words and images and one of the easiest things according to me to work on one’s fear is to change these into empowering ones.

Dig into the big dreams:

Some of our biggest fear slayers are in our dreams. So, go back and dig into the past and think of some of the biggest dreams which make you connect to your old passion and emotions. See if you can begin to work on them. Once you bring this in the open & work on the same, the law of the universe begins to work if you persevere with focus and dedication.

I have seen far too many people succumbing to their fears and living a much compromised life. Well, overcoming fear is the first step which according to me is the hardest, but once you overcome this and move on then there is no stopping you.

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