It’s time to be the best version of yourself

How would your life change if you could be your best in terms of what you are doing? For many it might look like a mirage but for really successful people it is nothing but a daily consistent effort to move in the right direction with absolute clarity and focus.

Over the years working as a Life Coach with some of the most successful people, I have learnt that they have developed this very fine art of dwelling into their genuine version of themselves.

The easiest way to get to the point of one’s vision is to find someone who has already walked the journey and just emulate him/her..I am a keen follower of people who are good in the field of positively transforming others lives.

Every day I ensure I spend some time in learning from each one of them.

However there are clear ways to develop this one trait. These will definitely work irrespective of whether you are a CEO, doctor, lawyer, housewife or even a student. These are –

Get to know yourself: Over the years I am surprised that people do not spend enough time to know themselves. We might spend hours or days trying to know something. For that matter I know people who spend days researching on a new car, T.V or whatever they are buying, but do not make time to know themselves.

Getting to know yourself, will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and this will reduce one’s anxiety & stress to a large extent. I can guarantee, that once you begin on this journey, it is bound to make you a better person irrespective of whichever area you are focusing on.

Avoid mindless distractions: Distractions are dime a dozen in each of our life and it is well within our control to ensure it does not derail us in our most productive time. That’s why engaging yourself and others in mindless distractions aren’t worth your time or theirs.

More importantly, it will keep you from focusing on accomplishing whatever great things you might manage to achieve in life, if you set your mind to it. Some of the most successful people I have come across have worked on this diligently over the years.

They have mastered the art of not getting distracted & genuinely living the life of “Not forgetting the forest for the trees”. Unfortunately most of the people rarely stop to consider this before its too late.

Discipline & consistency is the key: I have come across so many gifted people who are absolutely brilliant in the respective fields but have not got what they truly deserve because of being in-disciplined & inconsistent.

You might have brilliant ideas but unless this area is sharpened, I do not see much headway in an individual working towards becoming his/her true version. Begin small, in regulating certain things in your life and you can build things around them.

This is how I have developed some kind of discipline over the years. I’m still trying to ensure that most of the other areas of my life are disciplined and consistent.

Make this your most exciting journey: All of us love Adventure and hence some of the biggest blockbusters and books have the adventure script woven around them. However when it comes to our own life & journey, we fail to create and more importantly live it.

Each one of us can make the journey we are in, the most exciting if we  put our mind to it. A Life Coach like me, will get  people to ignite the spark and eventually make it a roaring fire. All of us thrive when we grab opportunities and not live a mundane life.

There is so much more out there in the universe to achieve and the only person who can stop you is yourself.

If you do feel it is time to change over to be the best version of yourself, then it is time to work with a Life Coach who  has   positively transformed so many wonderful people over the years.

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