Keys for a lasting inspiration

Everyone wants to be absolutely inspired every day and ensure that they make the best use of the day. However for some being inspired and inspiring others is an uphill task as the road is always strewn with insurmountable difficulties.

When I began my journey as a professional Life Coach the only thing I had with me in abundance was absolute inspiration. There was not much in terms of how this would turn out to be having moved out of a cushy job with a regular source of income. Being inspired from within will make us work towards our individual goals. It could also help other people who are lost in their respective lives and need to be with somebody absolutely inspired. In the last 12 months what I have learnt in terms of being inspired is something which you can learn easily. It will become important to not just you but also to those you care about, interact with and lead. As you begin to apply these ideas in your own life you can help others be inspired. One small comment/sms and at times mails in my inbox will spur me on to inspire myself and as well as others. when I look back to the main ingredients to be truly inspired, the top 5 according to me would be –

Passion: Any fire to burn needs fuel. I would relate the same to passion be it in your job, relationship or even marriage. More passionate you are about something the more you are bound to create inroads through any difficulty. Working on being extremely passionate is the key in any area of your life. I have conditioned myself to be extremely passionate about self development which is like a religion to me. The vision I have keeps the fire burning deep inside me. If you want to create a lasting inspiration you must be working and living from a place of passion. You must be doing things you love from a place of passion. I Love the work I am doing and every time I work from that place,it is with with absolute passion and focus. My one suggestion for working with absolute passion is to tap into your own resources any way you can at any time of the day.

Purpose: When I used to travel to some of the most remote and inhospitable places in India with my group the one question which people used to always ask me and others was what is your purpose of doing this? This has stayed with me through the years. I have realized that before you can make anything happen you need to understand and clearly define your purpose. Why do you want to achieve? What is in it for you, your family and those around you? When you connect your passion to a purpose you get excited about your fire is already roaring; the rest is channeling the flames in the right direction.Know your purpose and the other things will always fall in place around it.

Goals: Now this is something which is important to inspire each one of you. My working as a Life & Wellness Coach was a vision which eventually turned out as my Goal and this inspires me every minute of my day. I strongly believe that a strong Goal which is written with absolute clarity and a specific timeline will always inspire us deep inside to work on things on a daily basis. This will eventually help us live our dreams. Goals, in order to channel your inspirational fire, must be your focus and they can also be aspirational.

Inputs:Just life Fire which needs oxygen to burn we all need regular inputs on daily basis to inspire us to do things on a consistent basis. You might have the above three things discussed in place but you need to be practical that as things change, setbacks occur and we fall prey to our humanness. we all need inputs that continue to breathe life into our inspiration on a regular basis. It might be your morning prayer, your partner or for some of you my thoughts and words could inspire you to do things which otherwise you would not have done on your own. Maybe it is all of these and more. Never expect your inspiration to tend to itself without additional inputs on a regular basis. Work on more than one resource to inspire you .For me my regular exercise, pep talk and couple of other things I do without fail help me with the inputs.

Actions: Finally it all comes down to what action you do on the ground. You might have the best of everything at your disposal, but with small steps and consistent course correction I can guarantee you that you will not go any further than the first few steps. This is the exact reason that working with a Coach is so effective and result oriented. A Life coach will always work on actionable points which is what matters. For me actioning on small things is the most important and I always challenge myself to move from my own comfort zone to an action Zone.

How you work on your own inspiration is the most important aspect to you being happy ,content and resourceful at the end of the day. I love to be absolutely inspirational to myself and people around me. I know this is a tall order but with support from like minded people like each one of you this is not a big challenge. Only when we are inspired we can inspire others and in turn play an active role in changing the values in our own respective society. All this begins from you and then it moves on to others. I hope this article of mine which is probably written with my heart on my sleeve will inspire hundreds of people to be inspired and in turn inspire others. I would love to hear from you not as a resolution but as a responsibility as to how you intend to be inspired and inspire others on my Face book Fan page or