Ladies, it’s time to be healthy

If you are a woman overloaded with work on the personal & professional front and the last thing on your mind is your health, then you should be reading this Blog Article.

With Women’s day round the corner, it is imperative that each one of you focus on your Wellness. In my opinion, when I talk about wellness in my “Group Wellness Seminars” or through Live Coaching Calls, I mean both the body & the mind.

Over the years I have seen that Women at least in the Indian context, tend to do so much for the family, at work and in their social life that they tend to forget about themselves. There is no better time to begin this journey than today. The areas you should focus to begin with are –

Begin your day right

What I have observed over the years is that most women are so rushed in the morning, that they tend to do most of their chores and then hardly  find some time for breakfast. Usually it is way past the 2 hour window in which one needs to have a protein-rich breakfast with some good fats.

This will ensure that you do not fall into the trap of binge eating during the later part of the day. Also running empty after a long gap (post dinner) makes the stress hormones more potent & some of the long term  damage can be catastrophic.

Be more active

Even though most women spend considerable amount of time standing in the kitchen, it is important to ensure that you move around through the day. The Most common mistake, I come across when I am interacting with women in my area of work  is that they do  tend to sit around for way too long, be it in front of the Laptop, Television or with other Electronic gizmos.

Aim for couple of ten minute walking sessions, which will help improve your sluggish metabolism. In no time, you will be clocking an hour walking around. This is the magic of chunking.

Aim for 8 hours of sleep

 One area where most women tend to compromise is in the sleep area. Sleeping to a schedule is as important as anything else. Remember that you are optimizing your hormonal response by spending quality time on the bed.

Most of this, happens at the Subconscious level & this is most active when you are in deep sleep. With so much of things happening around us, it does take some discipline to work on this aspect. You will notice the shifts, in no time when you focus on this area.

Avoid processed food & Sugar

Don’t wait for the craving to strike. Ensure that your kitchen is not stocked with processed & junk food. I am a big believer that “out of sight is out of mind” & this works wonderfully well, when it comes to processed food. The same goes for sugar.

The lesser you consume the better the control on your Emotional Muscle. Emotional Binge eating, which I do see more in common with women folks is more of over doing Processed food & sugar. It is a lethal combination.

Meditate & Visualize

Remember both go hand in hand. When you develop the habit of meditation, you are just a step away from visualizing a healthy you. It is imperative that you spend at the least Ten minutes, twice a day in Meditating & visualization.

Make sure that you really set the scene and go through every step as if it’s actually happening in real-time in your mind. It’s a great way to help make those Life’s goals a reality.

In my experience, working with Women has told me that most do not want to have six pack Abs or even a toned body. They don’t mind though!! What is most important to the majority is to be happy & content in life. They want to be at peace with themselves and manage stress better.

Working on the above points is guaranteed to help each one of you to get to your destination in the shortest possible time. Remember it is not difficult at all & once the shifts are done at the Subconscious level, you will be pulled rather than pushed.

I would love to hear from all the women readers & even the men, who care for the women in their lives, on the biggest challenge when it comes to being healthy.

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