Lasting Change takes time.

Change is always good,especially when it is an empowering one. However how many of you are ready to invest time & effort to work on your biggest changes which will completely flip your life for good?

Even though people get in touch with me to help them ride the journey of change, most come when they have reached the fag end of their tipping scale. Change always begins and ends with you. Nobody on this planet earth can take the responsibility of doing it for you.

If the desire for you to change is far greater than what you are going through right now, then you will be more or less on an “Autopilot mode” to move towards some of your biggest changes.

 Life Coaching has the power to make changes in your life, where you may have believed otherwise, at one point of time. Over the years I have had a fair share of successes by working with people like you in helping them make changes in their respective life. The three important aspects which will help you to work on the change muscle are –

Know what you want to change:

When people reach out to me they are not very clear as to what they intend to change in their life. Most are vague and not very clear in the direction they intend to go. Only when I narrow it down to the exact change they are looking at and put it down in 2-3 goals, they realise where they want to go.

Unless you chart the destination in your mind and give direction to your subconscious mind, you are bound to slip up sooner rather than later.

Failure is the other side of change:

One of the most interesting aspects of change is the fear of failure and how resilient you are to walk towards the direction of change. There is no one way of being persistent other than knowing that one day you will eventually cross over & live the change you are working on. Unless you overcome the fear of failure, it is impossible to get to a complete state of change.

This is one of the reasons why gradual change is what strengthens you one step at a time. If you have travelled to the high mountains, the journey uphill at higher  altitude is always gradual at times but that is the only way forward.The same logic works in our own journey of change, when we are on an uphill curve.

Journal your progress:

There is so much power in writing down our progress. The sense of accomplishment is different when we go back a couple of days or weeks and refer to our journey of change. This is one of the most important aspects which I emphasize on with my clients when they are looking at changes, be it at the physical or Emotional level.

By putting down your thoughts and actions into words you are doing yourself a big favour.This transcend’s into Action on the ground,which eventually what matters.

Remember that lasting change in most people always  began with a single step, knowing the direction they wanted to go in. Old habits and behaviours are hard to break, but if you successfully turn your daily action steps into habits, you will reach your end goal in no time. We can all set goals and become personally successful.

With a focus on personal development, some take action and become very successful, while others sit idly waiting for change to happen.You have a choice right now,to decide  which group you want to be a part of.

By pursuing your personal goals you will become everything you have dreamed of. I will be more than happy to travel with you on this journey. You can take the first step right now, by fixing up an introductory call with me. Here we can talk about the change you are looking at & begin to work on this as explained in this blog. Going through some of my Clients testimonials might help you to get a fair idea as to how they worked on some of their biggest changes.

As always I would Love to hear from you on your thoughts & in case you would like to share your own success story.I am reachable on my mail Id or you can connect with me through my Facebook Fan page & leave your comments there.

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