Learning’s from writing my 100th Blog article

It’s been slightly more than a year since I began writing on Self development and health related topics. When I look back, I cannot imagine that I am actually writing my 100th Blog article today. There have been some invaluable lessons learnt during this incredible journey.

The common situation where people find themselves in is the honest and fervent desire for self improvement, followed by inaction or giving in to temptations and eventually they are consumed by guilt & give up. Some of the learning’s through the year has made me re look at why so many find it challenging to keep the inertia and fall by the wayside.  This is primarily due to the basic human trait of giving in to desire despite our best of the intentions.Some of the ways I did manage to overcome this is

 Motivate yourself: If you are not motivated then how can you motivate others to take those first few steps. It is imperative that one needs to walk the talk especially when it comes to being a Coach and working with people to help them overcome their biggest challenges. Work on looking at the bigger picture and find different ways to motivate yourself. Incorporate workable plans in your daily activities and always ensure that you do stay motivated to be on course.For me this is the key and i begun my day working on motivating myself.

One step at a time: The Only way to gather momentum is by moving forward. The Key is always to get started and take the first few but steady steps. I began small and moved on to commit myself to working on bigger things. All big things begin small and there is immense gratification in taking small steps in a steady pace. Once you get going the momentum builds up and inertia is no longer a factor.I have gone through the learning curve of taking  first step which is always the most difficult and this usually happens in the mind  according to me.

Set small achievable goals: I remember writing just a paragraph everyday for couple of months and then increased it to two gradually. If you are not used to doing certain things, then it’s hard to get started. Work on conquering something small say even ten minutes of exercise to begin with. Work on being realistic and once you do achieve small goals you can build on the momentum.

Just keep doing it, no matter what: Writing for the last one year has put me through some immense challenges. There were times when I did not know what to write and just focused on things around me, through which I might be able to relate to my readers. The challenge is to keep going no matter what obstacles one faces as long as you are walking towards the goal. My focus was, writing two Blogs a week – “one on self development and one on health” I have worked on this week after week and not missed a single post yet. The reason is because I was accountable to myself. I had promised myself that even if there was no response to my blogs, I would keep posting till such time that I could engage with my readers and followers.

Looking back as a Blogger & writer, the last one year has made me realize, that by walking in the direction of your dreams you will eventually meet people who will help you in your respective journeys. I am so blessed that there are a close group of friends who have helped me reach this small milestone. It would have never been possible alone and i am ever grateful to each one of them, Off course the inspiring words and feedback from each one of the readers who took time to go through my blog inspired me to write better and most importantly, keep on going.

Last but not the least, my writing this 100th Blog is just a beginning and I have many mountains to climb yet. The immense pleasure one gets when you have climbed the first mountain and look back with satisfaction that the other mountains will be more challenging and fulfilling is what inspires me. I do hope that this Blog will inspire lot of you there, who have not yet taken the first few steps in the direction of your dreams and are contemplating to find the right time. My only advice is to not wait but just get going and find the magic in momentum. I hope that you could relate to my thoughts through this blog. I would like to hear from you as to what are some of the challenges you had to face when you decided to work on something out of your comfort zone on my Face book page or at mail Id coach@satishrao.in