Life Change’s with an Attitude of Optimism, expectancy and enthusiasm

Our attitude makes or breaks us to a large extent. You can be super successful with most of the things at your disposal, but at end of the day if you always feel lousy then all the things with you, might not make much of a difference.

When I began my journey of Self discovery & Transformation, the first area of focus was on my Attitude. I realised very early in this journey< that if one can keep his/her attitude upbeat then half the battle is won. I will detail below, how each one of you can begin to work on the most important area of your life – “Your Attitude”

Always Act with Purpose:

Once your purpose is clear, the direction becomes more precise. Aimless activity wastes time & energy. I have seen many people, who are not clear about their purpose and eventually end up being frustrated. Before you begin to take any action, decide as to how it will end up serving your Life’s biggest goals. If you cannot resonate with it, then you know that you might have to rework the same.

Once the purpose & the road map are put up, the journey becomes more eventful. Remember all obstacles can be overcome with a strong purpose and clear vision. This is exactly where I start, when I begin to work with a client.

Use setbacks as a stepping stone: 

We are at most times conditioned to feel bad & remorseful, when we come face to face with setbacks in life. Well you can recondition yourself to do the opposite. Begin by looking back at your actions & getting to know what you can do in the present circumstances to improvise. Look at this in your mind’s eye.

Check the results you are getting as Milestones and see if they are guiding you in the right direction. Keep going, even if you have to crawl all over. There is magic in consistency and when you do this at the Conscious level, you strengthen the neural pathways in the Sub conscious level to follow.

Take your best shot, but don’t obsess about the target:

Change in Attitude is a gradual step and most think, it is just like popping a magic pill. Even though some of the techniques bring in shifts in no time, the fact that you keep going in spite of failures, is what gets one across the shores. Even though it is natural to make decisions & take action based on the results you have envisioned, it’s a cardinal mistake to expect results immediately.

Look at taking the first few steps and keep on going. I come across as a Life Coach, many  a  people who want immediate results in some of the areas where they have been slacking off for years.

Stretch yourself in the mind:

Attitude is like a rubber band. If you do not stretch it for a long time, it eventually loses its elasticity and tends to become brittle. Stepping up and moving out of your comfort zone is critical, in working at your attitude. Doing the same things will at the most help you get the same results.

Therefore do couple of things on a daily basis, which will help you step up, but at the same time not overwhelm you, when you think of your daily to-do list. When you do this, on a consistent basis you are bound to strengthen your “Attitude Muscle” for sure.

When you begin to work at this wavelength, one thing is sure to change & that is your Attitude. Working on developing One’s Attitude to compliment each one of us, is our responsibility and duty. If each one of us, can work on this to a small extent on a daily basis, collectively all of us can bring in massive change to our immediate environment and eventually our lives.

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