Life is not a lottery; it’s what you make out of it

Have you stopped in your tracks and thought about how your life would change, if you could be much more optimistic and positive? Well, over the years I have worked with quite a few clients who only wanted to work towards being more positive & forward thinking. They  wanted to be their best with what was available around them.

We all know how much of a difference, being optimistic and positive can make when it comes to the health of an individual. The quality of your life can change drastically when you begin to develop this mindset and more often than not, I have seen it spread to other areas of one’s life.

Working towards being a positive forward thinker or an optimist is not a one step process. Working with different people from varied backgrounds has given me an insight on how one can develop this mindset,which eventually will help in making our life the way we want ,if one puts their mind to it. See what works for you and try & incorporate it in your life to make the ultimate difference.

The past is never equal to the future: 

Most of us when faced with adversity in life are conditioned that our future will be similar to our past. Well this is the biggest lie that people tend to believe and unfortunately live in. When my clients come to me with a baggage of Adversity, I always ensure that I put across the message that “what started badly will not necessarily need to end badly”.

A bad patch in life’s journey need not necessarily mean we need to look at a bleak future. I coach my clients  to leave the past failures, adversities behind and see themselves moving  forwards  towards a new destination.Usually when you drop the old baggage you are automatically making room for something new.

Own up to your responsibilities:

Once we take up ownership of our journey irrespective of our external environment, that optimism and success will come naturally. Have you seen someone extremely successful who blames the environment, organisations or even for that matter the country and thrive. Well I have hardly come across anyone whom I can remember.

I have realized that opportunity is  found in a mindset of being more  gracious and forthcoming.There are opportunities around each one of us,most of the time I have seen people looking through it and not noticing it.This can change when you own up, to create the life you want rather than be a driftwood.

Follow nature’s law:

Nature has given each one of us one mouth and two ears and accordingly this is to listen more and talk less. it means we need to  create opportunities & make the most out of any situation.I will guarantee you that you will begin to take in more knowledge and in the process show that you are positive and confident by just making an effort to listen more and being open to ideas.

Develop an attitude of Gratitude & forgive:

Be thankful for every step that makes life’s hardships surmountable. What I mean here is that when we begin to look at good things around us and acknowledge the same, then it is easier to build a strong foundation of optimism & confidence which will eventually lead us in the direction of our vision.

Forgiving others in this journey, helps us out live the past and walk towards our future which is what each one of us can create. I have seen many people struggle to make peace with their past and make a hash of the future with no  vision.I remember asking a Client during one of my Coaching calls and was amazed with his response and shift from the inside.Forgive, but never forget the lessons.

Whatever might be your position right now in your life when you begin to work on the actionable items mentioned above, you will be surprised how things magically begin to fall in place and opportunities suddenly appear. This is not luck mind you, but pure metaphysics at work. For some of you who still find this difficult to fathom, click on the link below and I will be able to address your predicament at a much deeper level.